Image of current Special Ops Equp sheath wanted.

Discussion in 'Strider Knives Forum' started by Marion David Poff, Sep 20, 2000.

  1. Marion David Poff

    Marion David Poff

    Oct 8, 1998
    Good Day,

    Cool to have you guys here.

    I posted to the sharpened prybar thread, I look forward to informative discussion.

    Would someone please provide me with an image of a current production sheath?

    I spoke to a gentleman at Special Ops Equipment today, and he gave me a very favorable quote on a sheath for my Martindale Golock. So now I am looking for an image of a current style sheath.

    The Special Ops Equipment site is not working for me.

    Thank you,
    Marion David Poff aka Eye, Cd'A ID, USA [email protected]

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  2. Mick Strider

    Mick Strider

    Feb 16, 2000
    We're having issues with photos right now...
    We are having new ones shot at the moment.

    The best I can do right now is refer you to our web site.


    More soon


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