Recommendation? International or regular for sale forum


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Jan 23, 2015
I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but I figured it would be better to ask 'feedback' on my question before I possibly make a mistake.

I'm considering selling off a few knives of my collection on this forum. I'm from the Netherlands, but I don't mind shipping to the US or other parts of the world if the buyer is willing to pay shipping and assume some of the risk. The international for sale forum is a welcome addition, but it is also a much more quiet place, so I'd prefer to use the regular "For Sale by Individuals" section as it gets a lot more traffic. Is that allowed? Or should I keep my listings confined to "International (Non-US) For Sale - Europe & Russia" since I live in the Netherlands?

Peter Hartwig

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Feb 29, 2008
You can sell in the regular forum, since you are willing to ship to US and elsewhere. It will get you a wider audience
If you have paid a lot in import fees/taxes to get the item in your country, you likely will not be able to recover that money from US buyers.
Be sure to list your location and terms of shipping in the ad, so all know what is going on up front.
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