KERSHAW Onion / Centofante Unsigned Unused

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Jun 7, 2020
Hey guys, I purchased this before I knew much about Kershaw. I thought it was the size of a LEEK but come to find out, after it arrived, of course, it is as cute as a bug in a rug, little folding knife. I thought I'd keep it, but then I realized, I bet the big-time Kershaw fans might want it more than me.

So, here it is, for sale.

I'm open to offer, but I'm asking $80 for it, *including* shipping via USPS Priority Mail, insured. All offers considered (within reason).

I opened the box and removed the knife and inspected it and opened and closed it a few times, put it back in the box and gave it a good think.

I did not sharpen it, or use it, or carry it.

I have now, four, successful sales with feedback here. I ship as soon as I can.

Payment methods accepted: ZELLE (instant payment); personal checks, cashiers checks or money orders. No PP.

Please ask me any questions you have.

I'm adding photos in this listing post and the next post following. I have tried to show it from every angle. Thanks for looking.

20201010_115637.jpeg 20201010_115640.jpeg 20201010_115642.jpeg 20201010_115650.jpeg 20201010_115655.jpeg 20201010_115657.jpeg 20201010_115700.jpeg 20201010_115708.jpeg 20201010_115712.jpeg 20201010_115714.jpeg
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