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Knives and videogames

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by FullMetalJackass, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. FullMetalJackass

    FullMetalJackass Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 10, 2016
  2. benchwarmer380

    benchwarmer380 Valyrian Member Platinum Member

    Sep 17, 2012
    Off the top of my head, I'd add a couple of knives/daggers from mods in Skyrim. Ebony Replacer and the Medieval Inspired Weapon Pack. The Ebony dagger (well all the weapons) just looks awesome and the MIWP actually has legit looking daggers.

    A bonus video i stumbled across a few years back. :D
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
  3. Rykjeklut

    Rykjeklut Basic Member Basic Member

    May 23, 2018
    Big fan of the New Vegas knife on that list.
    I also like the Antler Knife from Red Dead Redemption 2.
    benchwarmer380 likes this.
  4. FullMetalJackass

    FullMetalJackass Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 10, 2016
    It's funny, when I think about videogames and knives, the work of Elijah Isham comes to my mind . Maybe because I have been playing gigatons of hours on Halo, but his design make me think about the Covenant weaponry.

    I like the big dagger Corvo uses in the Dishonored series.
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  5. Hickory n steel

    Hickory n steel Basic Member Basic Member

    Feb 11, 2016
    My favorite video game knife......um well nevermind, I guess it's not a knife that you find in the police station shower of GTA San Andreas :D

    My actual favorite video game knife would be the combat knives in Perfect dark on Nintendo 64.
    They're probably the only non realistic video game weapon i like.
    I love how you can dual wield them to slash or throw them in their " poison knife " function.
  6. Mrgauth

    Mrgauth Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 12, 2016
    I never tire of watching Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell Blacklist slice up terrorists with that bad ass karambit.
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  7. Lapedog


    Dec 7, 2016
    Sometimes when I’m running and I want to go faster I just pull out my knife.


    This knife in Counterstrike 1.6 is actually based off a Strider Knife.

    In Metal Gear Solid 3, Big Boss carries two knives. One for utility is a nondescript sawback knife which looks like a longer ASEK knife.

    His knife for fighting is based on the Strider HT-S

    In Metal Gear Solid 2 Vamp also sports a Strider Valkyrie knife.
    FullMetalJackass likes this.
  8. User27


    Apr 23, 2017
    I don't play Counter Strike but whenever I would watch
    commentary videos on YT this knife stood out to me.
    It's called the Falchion,it looks a lot like the
    Cold Steel Espada.
    FullMetalJackass likes this.
  9. Larrin

    Larrin Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 17, 2004
    Fun article. We need more video game knives that are used for cutting vegetables and opening packages.
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  10. User27


    Apr 23, 2017
    It is not a knife but this one is used to open
    doors,gates,and wooden chests.
    It's a Keyblade.
    Lapedog likes this.
  11. unwisefool

    unwisefool Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 22, 2007
    Ha, no offense, but I hope you are never in charge of a videogame. :p
  12. Rykjeklut

    Rykjeklut Basic Member Basic Member

    May 23, 2018
    Oh, and the switchblade from GTAV
  13. unwisefool

    unwisefool Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 22, 2007
    I liked those games until I had no clue what the hell was going on.
    User27 likes this.
  14. Larrin

    Larrin Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 17, 2004
    And we could spend a day in a cubicle answering emails. Perhaps we could watch grass grow and paint dry as well. I have lots of good video game ideas.
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  15. Comeuppance

    Comeuppance Fixed Blade EDC Emisssary Gold Member

    Jan 12, 2013
    There was a tanto or wakizashi (spelling?) in Far Cry 2 that I used really quite a bit. I spent a lot of time observing patrol routes so I could clear out whole outposts with silent sneak attack insta-kills without being detected.

    In fact, I do that in any game that gives me the option. Deus Ex, the Deus Ex reboot, No One Lives Forever 1+2, etc. lotsa killing/knocking out mobs and hiding bodies.
    Rykjeklut likes this.
  16. Gravy

    Gravy Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 16, 2014
    Can't forget about the Spy's bali from TF2. Gotta watch for those backstabs....
    User27 likes this.
  17. FortyTwoBlades

    FortyTwoBlades Baryonyx walkeri Dealer / Materials Provider

    Mar 8, 2008
    Not many knives in video games that I actually like or consider notable. But I did like a lot of the weapon designs in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They struck a good balance between being realistic and being fantasy. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see the Lizal Boomerang variants, which were clearly based off of African throwing knives.
  18. Legendary_Jarl


    Feb 8, 2010
    Battlefield 1 has a very cool and generous range of melee weapons including a bunch of iconic knives. Like the US Trench Knife, Le Vengeur du 1870, Sawtooth Knife, Bolo, kukri, and jambiyas.

    As a curious fact, I was number 1 on xbox worldwide for kills with the cavalry saber. Which only means I played too much :p.
  19. McFeeli


    Feb 13, 2017
    I remember the original Far Cry on the old Xbox using a butterfly knife towards the beginning. That was first game I played that allowed you to build your own multiplayer maps.

    Serious Sam starts out with a Ka-Bar along with his Colt and Serious Sam is the best. Anyone else remember that scene in the desert when all those headless guys with bombs strapped to their hands charge at you? “Ahhhhhh yourself”.
  20. unwisefool

    unwisefool Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 22, 2007
    Or you were the only one using it :D

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