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Oct 19, 2017
krypdyr is Danish for reptile...

This is my first time I using this bolster material, it is niobium and pure copper. It is called super conductor and apparently used in high volt machines, think MRIs and cyclotrons etc. Niobium can also be anodised or heat coloured similar to titanium. The issue is that the copper interferes a little with the conduction/electrical anodising. However it made for some interesting colour variations along the boundaries of the niobium. The copper also fouled up my anodising solution... I then used acetic acid to produce the verdi gris on the copper, it was tricky as I had to do each bolster twice (8 hrs wait each time!) to get an acceptable result. On high magnification you can see the copper has been etched and in some places there are tiny crystals visible. I expect the areas without dense cover to age and darken at least with time.

It is also the first time I used M390. This steel grinds so easily and cleanly, it is hard to believe its edge holding is apparently only inferior to S110V.

The mark is copper plated.

Anodised titanium liners and -titanium pivot screws. Heat coloured stainless screws elsewhere.

The scales are polyester fabric and resin that I made about 7 yrs ago.

The insert in the leather sleeve is polished stingray leather.

OAL 144mm 5,66 inch
Folded 83mm 3,27 inch
Cutting edge 61mm 2,4 inch
HRC of M390 59-61, 2,6mm thickness
BESS sharpness 140-150g
Weight 41g 1,4 ounces
Detent folder

Not yet available, either for SICAC or on my mailing list when it is.

Qs and comments welcome, thanks! Ig

(I hope this works as I have been struggling to upload pictures)



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May 29, 2004
Definitely a neat effect on the superconductor 👍