Kukri's, TORA and HI -- BOTH STILL HERE!!!!!

Jun 9, 2006
I have my 2 biggest Kukri's up for sale. I will most likely pull one, if the other sells..unless they both go quickly?
CONUS only, Money order or Paypal please.
Anyway, They are around 22 inches overall.
Both have been used, the HI has been used a lot, the TORA only twice.

The TORA is an MK?? I think. ITs got a single fuller, and is about 1/4 thick. Its got a lot of snap due to it's constant curve and wide leaf shape.
I think its the prettiest Kukri I have seen...and its fit and finish is above HI in many ways. The blade shows use, but no nicks or dings in the edge to speak of, it has been sharpened also. Comes with a VERY tight fitting black traditional sheath with a leather frog..looks sweet.
$150 Sold to BigW

The Himalayan Imports CAK, by KUMAR. (PRE- U.B.)

This old dog can still hunt. Close to 1/2" (I had written 5/8") thick at the elbow of the spine...its a beast. Straight spine and handle, it hits like an Axe! I have taken down some big trees with this Kukri. Its been to the field a lot, but it keeps asking for more.
The edge near the tip, has a good size nick in it, this was from a previous owner years ago. I have sharpened it, its actually very sharp and ready to take out anything in the way.
The sheath didn't make it through the years unfortunately, so no sheath with this one..I had plans on making one, but never bought the leather.
$140Still available to!

The top kukri is not for sale.
The top BIG kukri is the TORA and the one below that, the HI
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