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    Apr 7, 2021
    If this has already been posted , I have not seen it. I am a mechanic and am always bringing tools into vehicles and sometimes forget a few tools for the job, which led me to try some interesting things with the leather man. I will share a few of them with you now :
    * use with caution and understanding of what metal can and can’t do*
    - A 1/4 drive deep socket can be driven by the medium screwdriver , very useful for hard to reach areas where you don’t have an extension, like under the dashboard/ interior work.
    - Also, a 3/8 drive socket ( deep) can be driven with the Phillips screwdriver Or in a pinch , 3/8 shallow socket can be driven with the large flathead
    -The rebar can also drive sockets in this fashion.
    What this also means is that if
    you have a 3/8 or 1/4 drive deep socket in size “1/4 “ you can now use all of those torx and Allen head screwdriver bits
    In the winter and if you don’t have an ice scraper for your window, the tool in the closed position will work as an ice scraper. It will put your credit card trick to shame

    Mechanic tip#2: have a junky car whose hood won’t pop open when you pull the hood release?
    Wedge your closed multitool between the hood and the grill / bumper to apply pressure while you go into the car and pull the hood release.
    Pop. No assistance needed

    A last mechanic tip is using the body of the closed tool to arc out a starter solenoid to make a starter crank, ( think Ford) , however it will leave a mark and I would not recommend doing it to a glow plug relay for obvious reasons.
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    May 24, 2016
    I use Leatherman's own bit adapter for the Philips screwdriver... the bits it comes with leave something to be desired but it does accept standard quarter inch hex bits as well. And the whole card with bits and extender fits nicely in a sheath.

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