Balisong Maxace Covenant v1

Corvus Corax

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Jan 17, 2017
Price includes USPS shipping and PayPal G&S fees. US Only. First person to leave a “I’ll take it” in the comments and sends me a follow up PM gets first dibs! Please click the link for photos. I do reserve the right to sell, or not to sell, to whomever I choose. Please follow your local laws pertaining to balisong purchasing. Thanks!

Maxace Covenant v1. Blue anodized titanium handles with carbon fiber inlays and m390 blade steel. Runs on bearings. One of the best balis I've ever owned (and I've owned 50+)! Condition is unused though there is a small amount of finish wear on the latch and a small snail trail on the safe handle, directly opposite of the base of the pocket clip.

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