Move over Niolox here is Becut!

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    Jul 23, 2014
    Hi all, recently as in the last couple of weeks I had a new model from Fox Knives but designed by Jesper Voxnaes and labeled VOX on the blade. The model is called the CORE (FX-606- pictured here the FX-606 OD) but what was more interesting for me was that it is being produced with a Niobium enhanced steel called Becut. Now Becut has actually been around for some time as in approximately 27 years!!!!! Yes, it was and is being used in Industry for that length of time for industrial cutting blades in both the fishing industry and food processing industries. Becut is made by the German company Bestar. Now quickly, as far as edge retention is concerned, Becut can handle severe treatment without chipping or loosing that super sharp (which it came with) cutting edge.
    Becut Specs can be seen at my blog.
    I cut stuff like wild mushrooms all day for several days out, shaved old dirty beech wood for kindling, cut up meat on a makeshift bunch of logs that were near the fire; light batoning onto the spine and couldn't be asked to wipe my greasy hands clean before pawing the handle cutting up more meat. Now this FX-606 or simply the CORE is a no nonsense working knife. The handle looks like a bit like a kitchen knife but that's where the similarity ends as there is a good palm swell and a textured hexagonal-like pattern pressed into the synthetic grip. Basically one doesn't need to worry about handle maintenance here, simply wipe it clean, zero water ingress due to its design. This grip BTW totally encases a full tang which that lanyard hole passes through.
    Above image courtesy of FOX Knives Italy
    Anyway a video field review is coming too but in the meantime check this other Niobium (0.8%) enhanced steel.
    Above Image courtesy of FOX Knives Italy
    Seasoned beech wood
    Comfortable weather resistant grip


    Seasoned beech wood, feathering no problems

    Polyamide and Leather deep carry scabbard

    generous palm swell for a comfortable grip
    Cuts meat easily despite thick spine.

    BTW this is the CORE Scandi Black handled version shown hee and in my blog and there is another CORE model, but a sabre grind and both come with either an OD (olive drab) colored grip or black.
    Images are from my blog (unless otherwise stated) where you can read more:

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    Feb 3, 2001
    Interesting, but it would be helpful if you were able to compare it's performance to similar knives.


    Jul 23, 2014
    Hi, I'm afraid at present this is my only Niobium enhanced knife, so I can't compare it to a similar shaped and same HRC and same tempering regime blade using Niolox on the same wood. Would be good.
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    Niobium (formerly known as columbium) forms very hard carbides, similar to vanadium, from what I read. It also affects the machining properties -- S35Vn differs from S30V in that it has a bit of niobium. S110V is another steel with niobium (and a lot of other alloys).
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    I think it (Nb) also allows more free chromium in solution, suppressing chromium carbide formation, thus improving stain resistance. Also helps to keep the grain structure small, similar to how vanadium works.
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    Becut has 0.80% Niobium and 0.60% Vanadium. CPM 110V has 3.00% Niobium and 9.00% Vanadium. CPM 110V has 3.75 times as much Nb and 15 times as much Vanadium as Becut.
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    Was kind of hoping for a comparison with Niolox......I like using Niolox in my knives.

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