Pennsylvania knife shops 2016 addition

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Jun 3, 2008
Since the last thread 11 years ago some stores may have closed and others have since opened.

I would be interested in what else is out there.

The main one that comes up is country knives in Lancaster county, and from a recent visit it gets pretty much the same review as from 11 years ago. Extremely impressive amount of inventory, almost no custom or mid-tech offerings, and full retail.

Another nice stop is Fred Eisen's Leather and Art Knives in New Hope PA. They have a lot of custom knives, they carry Chris Reeves. The don't have a lot of any one thing, but they have a lot of variety from many top makers.

I also want to mention Zerns in Gibertsville PA. They have 3 places that sell knives, one of the places "the cave" sells my custom knives, a few battle horse knives, good selection of edc in $35 range. They also have a few hundred used knives, and are willing to trade and buy small collections on occasion. It is not super high end, but it is worth a look. The other two knife shops in Zerns also carry a variety affordable stuff. The cave is starting to develop an inventory worth checking out.
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Feb 2, 2005
I'm going to have to remember the one in Gilbertsville on my way to Cabelas next time.

I found a new one in PA, Gift Riteway in Red Lion PA, just south of York. Not bad for a brick and mortar price wise, but it's good to see a non junk knife shop out there.

Too close for my wallets sake, about 15-20 minutes north of me. They had a ZT 301 and 562 I wanted (I've owned a couple examples of each model).

I've heard for years about a knife shop near Downingtown PA, going to have to check out Officerstore after a powwow in Bucks County this September.
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