places not to go with metal detectors or pat downs.

Discussion in 'Knife Laws' started by Spyderco329, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. Spyderco329


    Apr 1, 2013
    i was recently reading through an old post talking about if you have ever had to leave your knife behind at a metal detector or security point in an establishment and lots of people just like myself said they avoid places that do this. However though sometimes you get caught off guard and don't think a place has metal detectors when there actually is one this recently happened to me at the gateway arch, so for people such as myself i thought of this good idea where people could list places in their states with metal detectors or pat downs in their state and then people could reference the post if they are traveling or whatever the scenario. i will list some i know for example they can be clubs,museums, any place that has these things you know of.
    i am from Illinois around the Chicago area
    1. Willis tower has metal detectors
    2. black hawks games, cubs games, white sox games, bears games, bulls games all have them. I know this is the same for all the teams
    3. gateway arch, as i stated earlier this caught me off guard when i visited st louis.
    4. six flags in Gurnee Illinois has metal detectors
    5. concerts at the united center or soldier field will use the same metal detectors as they do for the sporting events usually.

    off the top of my head that's the ones i could think about here, none of the museums have them or the aquarium
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  2. wardcleaver

    wardcleaver Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 17, 2017
    Do they pat down or wand at the Chicago Field Museum?
    We're planning a trip over Christmas Vac, and thought I'd carry a minigrip inside my pocket.

    Edit: Never mind. Just read the last line of your post
  3. rwasham


    Mar 27, 2009
    Got surprised at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio Emergency Dept. one night. Not sure if it's all the time or just at night but they had metal detectors at about 11pm.
  4. Pokerchip


    Jun 26, 2015
    Biltmore in Asheville NC. There are no metal detectors to pass in order to get on the property, and everywhere else was ok too (winery, gardens, stable etc.) The actual mansion has security with detectors though. I had to take a walk back to the car before going in. Still a very awesome place to visit though!
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  5. DrFish


    Nov 18, 2001
    Statue of Liberty. Nothing like an unplanned "lets go visit the statue of liberty"… I ditched in the dirt by a park bench on the way to the ferry and picked it up afterwards.
  6. ndmiller

    ndmiller Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Nov 30, 2015
    I do that at disney, seaworld, universal, wherever it occurs. Never had an issue.
  7. Agartha Audio

    Agartha Audio

    Jun 20, 2015
    I went w/ my family to Sacramento, and got surprised w/ a metal detector going in to the Capitol building (I coulda predicted that one, but didn't think that visit was on the agenda). I was able to leave the 3 knives I had on me w/ security, and when I went back to get em I had to wait behind one guy getting his belongings back too. Turned out he also had a 3 knife collection they were holding for him! I showed him mine and we both started cracking up.
  8. Enkrig


    Dec 17, 2015
    I just recently went there and I have the impression that they had a sign that small blade sizes (<1.5in perhaps?) were ok. I had left my knives in the car so I did not test it.
    As an aside, they did ask to check a pair of trauma scissors (small and with blunt tip) that I had in a first-aid kit, but let me pass with it once they did. That's intriguing because I've traveled the world with those scissors in my backpack (i.e., carry-on) and airport security never said anything. (BTW, that particular type of scissors is stated to be ok in TSA's website.)
  9. Pteronarcyd


    Feb 19, 2019
    Are lawful knives prohibited at the listed venues? What about lawfully concealed sidearms? Are these venues posted as not allowing knives or firearms?

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