Pocket Woodcrafters, Currently Available


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Nov 16, 2016
The pocket woodcrafter is a nice little knife for woodworking and fire starting. It’s a compact bushcraft knife with a short blade that is capable because it has a full-length grip and neutral handle style that allows for many grips styles. The elevated tip lengthens the belly while acting as a perch for your forefinger or thumb, giving increased control of the tip and belly.

This knife is perfect for the outdoorsman who wants a lightweight and compact knife for starting fires, working wood, and some food prep while still being a good option for EDC.

Designed by me and made by JK Handmade Knives.

The price is $115 shipped for the knife with a kydex sheath, add $15 for a leather pocket sheath. There are 4 knives and 1 pocket sheath currently available.

Here are the rough specs

Blade Steel: O1 Tool Steel
Hardness: 58-59 RC
Heat Treated by: JK Handmade Knives
Blade Grind: Scandivex
Blade Thickness: 3/32”
Blade Length: 2 1/2”
Blade Width: 0.69”
Handle Material: Black Micarta
Handle Length: 3 7/8”
Handle Thickness: 0.59” at thickest point
Handle Width: 0.65” at center
Overall Length: 6 5/8”
Weight: 2.3 oz

These are individually handmade so slight variations between knives can be present. Different handle options are available by special order for $15 extra for most handle materials.



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Nov 9, 2002
Can you post a picture of your pocket sheath? Thanks Greg


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Jun 28, 2020
Everyone involved has done an amazing job on these, beautiful finish feels great in hand and razor sharp. Top notch all around . My child sends her thanks and we will upload some pics when we get it out for some real use.. for now its her go to for edc and crafts/projects around the house but its gona SHINE in the bush!!!! Looking forward to keeping you posted on use and how its holding up :)