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    May 11, 2012
    techno1 prototype, based on Marcin S.'s Mouse gen1, was introduced to the public in I/2011 Amsterdam and the production version didn't hit the market until 2012 afaik. common street price at market introduction was around 180US$ cmiiw but within the 1st year many shoppers could get it for 160US$:

    techno2 production version hit the market by the end of IV/2018 and common street price since then has been 214US$:

    MSRP on either version is 330US$. I agree that the Techno 2 is not going anywhere, it will be selling for several years to come, so there shouldn't be any hurry to buy it now, this week, this month, or this half-year, especially if one already owns the techno1. imho.

    The question is, which is the lowest price we could realistically expect within the next 12 months (I set my alert at 160US$ o_O)? And how many percent among the current techno1 owners still use and care about the knife AND seriously consider the upgrade? Personally, I don't consider upgrades of higher priced daily items (smartphone, SmartTV, IBM Model M, car, premium microwave, premium battery charger, premium folding utility knife, washing machine, laptop), only because the manufacturer released an improved follow-up model.

    Fortunately I never handled any Mouse or Techno before. I am new in the market but before i go all-in, …
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