Recommendation? Replacement belts for Ken Onion blade grinder attachment

Discussion in 'Maintenance, Tinkering & Embellishment' started by cnm123, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. cnm123

    cnm123 Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 7, 2015
    Anyone recommend aftermarket belts for this?
  2. Mr.Wizard


    Feb 28, 2015
    I thought these were a nonstandard size to discourage substitutions?
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  3. bikerector

    bikerector KnifeMaker / Craftsman / Service Provider Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Nov 16, 2016
    I would check red label abrasives as they have sizes for the worksharp without the grinder attachment at least. I don't see the 1x18" size on their website but I do see them on Amazon so they're out there. Maybe drop them a message and see what they have or can do.
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  4. cnm123

    cnm123 Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 7, 2015
    1x18 doesn’t seem to be very common. I’ve found 1 assorted grit package.

    They do have them, in 10 packs for each grit. I guess I’m being picky!
    i looked again a few minutes ago and there is a multi grit package but with no description. I’ll contact them later.
  5. CasePeanut

    CasePeanut Gold Member Gold Member

    May 25, 2018
    I use the red label abrasives. I got the combo pack a while back. It has AlOX and SiC belts. The OEM belts are nicer but SOOOO overpriced.
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