Res-C Handle Mods?


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Mar 29, 2016
I think that handle looks Badass!!! Were you able to reattach the material, or just smoosh it around?

I'd like it if we could buy the shapes to heat/melt, then stick on our handles. :D

I was doing some brush burn piles and long story short knife fell in the fire. I had to use a shovel to scoop it out as quick as possible. There was sticks and charcoal stuck to the handle and a big gash from the shovel head. I cleaned it up then cut off bad spots with a razor then used a lighter to melt and reform the best I could.
Handle is a little thinner but still comfortable in hand.
Judging by how easy to melt and reform I would think you could use a heat gun and then mold it to your hand with gloves on or something.

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Apr 11, 2010
Idk maybe I’m just lucky but all the Res-c models feel perfect to me. My favorite handle material for sure. Plus love the added Benefit of when cold which Is a lot here where I live. And how it Helps lighten up a big knife


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May 8, 2016
Hey guys, just updating my experience with the Wilson leather tennis wraps. Overall, I'm digging the feel/look:thumbsup:, and only took like 5 mins and $15. There was also about half a roll left at the end too. I used to get a bad hotspot around where the joint of my thumb rubs the spine-side corner of the res-c handles, but after this its gone. The Wilson wrap is about a 1/8" thick so felt like it added some much appreciated meat to the handle.

I think the only thing is figuring out how to finish the wrap all pretty, If you taper it at the end you can get some nice result, but my dull ass scissors didn't want to cooperate :confused:. Didn't have a sheath for my 1311 at the moment so can't comment how it will fit after this, but I imagine you should be able to back the tape off a little and get her in there.

edit: the way I finished it originally was bugging me so I tried to peel it back and redo the top. I can confirm the glue doesn't like that, and will stick to the overlapped portions of the wrap, just a heads up.

normal width

Finished wrap

post-wrap width
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Feb 3, 2001
Micarta. It doesn't absorb shock as well as res-c of course, but overall it's a huge improvement in comfort

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Oct 18, 2018
It’s almost as if we all have different hands.

This is something that Really confused me....haha.

Not to change the subject, but handles are Probably more important than blade shape/type. How do some get past the design stage?

It's sad, cause some of my All time favorite blades have the Worst handles....... I could make a list.