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Rike M3 vs. Spyderco Tropen

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by tomhosang, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. tomhosang


    Feb 17, 2017
    Has anyone noticed just how similar these look? Kinda interesting. I wonder if both companies were working on the design at the same time and just so happened to put them out close to each other? Seems a bit fishy to me.


  2. RBid


    Apr 6, 2014
    Yep. Rike has a history of putting out... let’s be charitable and say eerily similar design to others. This reeks of the Lundquist situation from not long ago.

    It’s a damn shame, too. Rike builds a hell of a knife. They’re using a lot of the same shops as WE, Reate, and Bestech, and have demonstrated consistent quality. They just haven’t let go of the gaudy colors, excessively busy design, or willingness to flagrantly duplicate someone else’s design.

    If they’d stop it, they’d be in the Reate/WE category of respect for quality.
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  3. madcap_magician

    madcap_magician Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 27, 2005
    It's ironic, too, because a framelock Tropen would have solved 85% of the complaints about the Tropen design regarding the sharp edge in the compression lock window cutout. But Rike had to go and fix one problem while creating another by making what's pretty close to a copy and blinging it up tastelessly and relentlessly.

    Rike's version has what are arguably some improvements:

    1. Frame lock instead of compression lock.
    2. Ball bearing pocket clip.

    But also:

    1. Machining on both G10 show side and lock side is just ridiculously ugly.
    2. 154CM is an odd steel choice in today's market. If you like the characteristics of 154CM, there's no reason not to use CPM154 instead.
    3. The design is a fairly blatant copy.
  4. ROCK6


    Feb 8, 2004
    Wow, didn't realize how closely they resemble each other!

    I've been carrying and using the Tropen here in Afghanistan for about a month now. Zero issue with the sharpened blade edge and compression lock cutout. I think they could have just made a small choil area to do away with the very base of the sharpened blade which would have been perfectly fine, but as is, I've had zero issues. Can you cut yourself? Only if you try really hard and put a lot of effort into it...even then, it's not easy.

  5. madcap_magician

    madcap_magician Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 27, 2005
    I don't really think the cutout is that big a deal, but it is a bit of a design flaw.
  6. dsalazar


    Jun 22, 2017
    Im suprised spyderco didn't put a finger choil on it like most of there folders. This isn't the first model iv seen that closely resembles another blade.
  7. Rykjeklut

    Rykjeklut Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    May 23, 2018
    Didn't the RIKE guy admit to stealing designs just a few months ago?
  8. b00n


    Dec 15, 2016
    I think he kept making excuses and danced around the topic without giving a straight answer, claiming all of his designs were projects he starts years prior. :rolleyes:
  9. Mo2


    Apr 8, 2016
    This is old news. Don't support rike. I don't anymore. Shady guy copies a few other models too. He's also related to the guy that owns CH knives, who also copies designs and does clones.

    I avoid the two like the plague.
  10. Mako109

    Mako109 Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 17, 2008
    Rike was the first Chinese made knife I've ever deliberately purchased and I was quite impressed with the quality of the two that I received. Integral construction and perfect in every way, so good that one of them (the 1707s) sits among the top 10 in my collection which includes heavy hitters like Hinderers, CRK, and Microtech. But then I learn how they flagrantly copy other designers and I watched with great disappointment on how Rike danced around the issue.

    I've learned that business practices and ethics are much different in China; that they really don't have enforceable copyright laws and it's common practice to copy the designs of others. Ok, "when in Rome...", but in America I believe if they want to do business they must learn to observe western business practices and ethics. Hopefully Rike will learn, but until they do I've shut my door to them.

    WE on the other hand is on the right track. They're making beautiful knives and they've got my attention.
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  11. Mo2


    Apr 8, 2016
    They got an earful alot on social media about it. They know we don't like it. So they keep doing it. More reason to avoid them and boycott

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