Rockstead SAI Sold


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Feb 17, 2017
I am offering up my Rockstead SAI for sale or trade. Price will include shipping via priority mail and fees associated with PayPal g/s only. The knife has been carried sparingly in its perfect fit leather belt sheath only and has only been used to test the edge by cutting paper. The blade is ridiculously sharp and certainly lives up to the hype. The blade did cut me once when closing the knife and that is what the mark on the microfiber cloth is from. The blade and handle are pristine with no blemish or scratches that I can see. The action is great and easily flips open with the thumb studs. Lockup is solid with no blade play in any direction. This has been registered through Rockstead. Price is Sold. Please save the thread for only I'll take it. PM with any questions. Thanks for looking. Rockstead 1.jpg Rockstead 2.jpg Rockstead 3.jpg Rockstead 4.jpg Rockstead 5.jpg rockstead 6.jpg rockstead 7.jpg
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