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Feb 13, 2007
Due to limited quantities please limit one knife order per post.












I've been wanting to do this project for a long time. Let me tell you about this little dagger.

Delta 3V, HRC 60.5
Blade length 4.438" from tip to guard
Blade width .9"
Total length 8.69"
Thickness at ricasso .205"
Sharpened 20 DPS
Black on black micarta (canvas or linen)
heat darkened titanium screws
Engineered skeletonized tang
4.9 oz, balances 7/8" behind guard

Edge thickness before sharpening tapers from .015" at ricasso to .010" at point
Edge thickness behind the edge after sharpening is under .025" at ricasso and over .030" at point.

I tapered the edge thickness before sharpening down towards the point to compensate for the complex interaction of the intersection of the edge bevel with the primary grind as the primary grind changes along the length of the blade.

The grind starts out as a severe hollow grind at the plunge. It is a 1 1/2" radius there (3" hollow grind) but grows in diameter becoming a flat grind at the point. Also, the grind is twisted becoming more obtuse at the point to create a reinforced point. Otherwise the tip of a deep grind like this is extremely weak. My point is very strong. The goal with this design was to create a very sharp double edge straight razor geometry at the plunge with a stout armor piercing point reinforced with a strong center rib that runs the length of the dagger. This dagger will shave the hair off a fly and also defeat Kevlar body armor.

The handle is designed for a saber grip and a reverse grip. In the saber grip the butt fits in the palm of your hand. In the reverse grip your thumb fits over the end of the dagger. When held in a saber grip you can hold it like a regular knife with your thumb and index finger in the finger choils, or you can turn it 90 degrees with the blade horizontal as a traditional main gauche is held. When held like a main gauche there are deep jimping milled that give good positive traction to your thumb tip.

We kept the handle as thin and trim as possible considering this is not a general purpose cutting tool, it is a concealed weapon. But we kept a lot of well thought out geometry between the blade and your hand to keep your hand safe. Also the handle is not overly rounded, it indexes positively in your hand. The tactile feel of the deep thumb jimping scallop is unmistakable and easily identified without looking.


Price is $375, no sheath
Shipping adds $13 (does not increase with multiples)
Comes with very good black on black canvas micarta.

Come by here in two weeks for another sale. We'll have some hard thin Field Knives, a few of the new DEK1, and some Behemothers.

Come by our forum today at 5:00 eastern for a Fun Friday sale. Mark's titanium and Delta 3V flipper.
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Feb 6, 2007

As I posted elsewhere, the only time I seem to snag a spot in these sales is when I am trying to buy CPK as a gift. I landed this one from my cellphone with only 2 bars and was going to a close friend.

However, seeing as 000Robert proxied for me in the first sale I'd like to pass my place down to him.

Seems like the Karmic thing to do.

Hopefully WValtakis will cooperate with that.
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