Sold Brown Knives Cortex

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Dave M.

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Jul 12, 2020
Brown Knives Cortex #28

- Comes with Pelican Case & Authenticity Card
- Black Canvas Micarta Bolster
- Titanium backspacer
- Titanium pocket clip
- Stonewashed CPM-154
- Brown Knives DRB

Lock Up, Detent and Action are unquestionably excellent/among the best. I would put the opening and smooth drop shut action against some of the best i.e Shiro, Koenig, Holt to name a few.

Discounting for 2 reasons as a needed source of funds:

1. Lockbar side has a faint almost tooling mark as part of the milling not a trail/came that way from Brown Knives. I planned on carrying so never bothered me, plus hardly noticeable but there which is why calling out.
2. I have never dissembled, cut or carried. Since planned on carrying as mentioned and never did/sitting in Pelican makes sense to move as source of funds for recent purchases.

Purchased shipped $oldas original owner, discounted to $old G&S. US domestic shipping only.

Trade - Only trade would be for the new Quiet Carry Drift (thumb stud) SW handle/ SW Blade. TV $old with cash back.

Please only respond “take it” followed by PM or leave email and I will follow up.

Pics below - Will add more in follow up thread and or can PM/email



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