*SOLD*Custom SAK Mod OD Canvas Micarta


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Apr 14, 2018
Hello Bladeforums, this is a modified Victorinox Pioneer with polished tools. The tools ride on precision ground hardened stainless pivot barrels and everything is held together with Torx screws. The scales were CNC machined by me out of OD Canvas Micarta. The liner was CNC machined by me out of C360 Brass. I installed Phosphor Bronze washers between the Micarta scales and the tools to prevent friction and provide smooth operation, because of this you may notice a very small gap between the two. And some advice that is echoed through the SAK Modding community: Since this knife is held together with screws, there may be a desire to take it apart. The screws are adjusted properly upon assembly and set with blue loctite. Please know I do not recommend disassembly of these knives, there is tension on the back springs that make reassembly difficult. The price via PayPal includes G&S and shipping inside the USA. As always by purchasing this knife you acknowledge that you are of legal age to own it and agree to use it safely and in accordance with all laws.
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