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*SOLD* Scott Cook Non-Typical Lochsa

Discussion in 'For Sale: Custom Knives (Individual)' started by roadracer46, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. roadracer46

    roadracer46 Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 30, 2011
    Scott Cook Non-Typical Lochsa

    Perfect in every way. When I received this knife from a dealer it has some very light scratches on it. Sent it to Scott who turned it around quickly. While there, he added new Timascus thumb studs(it use to be single sided) and a swedge. He also tuned it. I’ve owned a lot of Lochsa in the past and this is by far the smoothest one I’ve owned. Blade drops freely when the lock bar is released. You won’t be disappointed.

    PayPal is fine. USPS insured overnight shipping is on me. Keep in mind that if you’re in a rural area or are effected by harsh weather conditions this may delay delivery. USA only

    -3.5” S3OV Hand rubbed blade with swedge and Triple layered Timascus thumbstuds that have been colored and bead blasted for traction and a dark look. Beautifully done by Scott
    -Reverse Finish Integral Frame with seamless Carbon Fiber inlays on the presentation side
    -Seamlessly inlayed MOP pivot screw on the presentation side
    -Comes with COA, Single Side Timascus Stud, Pivot Tool, and box
    -Paid over $5.5K for this beautiful knife... asking $OLD

    *Only partial Trade I’m interested in is an Old Pivot Umnumzaan Tanto with a POLISHED Blade
    6D115B0E-95CE-4318-96D2-5213785E7D5E.jpeg ADC7AFB5-6140-493F-A512-C66DAFF88552.jpeg A9D4E0D1-F277-4301-B52A-2F1D7F8564BE.jpeg 6EC926E3-B82C-467F-9210-EC1160E4E9A5.jpeg 0B4CAF6C-3D23-48FA-9602-EF652F7E09C7.jpeg 5645B3A6-A11B-476C-B35F-2B8C4912EBA0.jpeg
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