Sold*Spyderco Military Black partially serrated blade


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Jan 31, 2010
I have the following knife for sale (no trades at the moment please).

Knife comes with the original box.

Knife is in LNIB condition: like new in box; knife has been removed from box for inspection; has been opened and closed a few times; never carried; has been on "display" in collection

All prices are in Canadian dollars and include shipping. Preferred method of payment is PayPal.

Spyderco Military: S30V blade, partially serrated, black coated; black G10 handle. $135>>$120
402CF3D2-2761-417E-96ED-57D5B111CB7F.jpeg 390E011B-03A7-4CB2-93C7-F4D1009F765F.jpeg 372A7FD2-2AFF-45EE-BC8C-DB4488D72A48.jpeg 14C460C7-08F2-4BDC-AFEF-AA350D9D8B5F.jpeg D33EF189-1589-4808-A290-A77B666605F0.jpeg 92989E72-A1F7-49E4-949E-B7FEBBCAA84B.jpeg
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