(*SOLD*Survival Gear SHTF Package)/Glock Holsters,Mag pouches, Spec Ops Belts


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Oct 31, 1998
Due to health, I'm getting out of needing this type of gear.
Selling this as a package deal.
Most everything is unused just kept in a survival pack in closet. I opened one emergency boat match container to test out one match,the other is sealed. The one fire starting rod I tested out a few strikes. Everything else is unused. Everything is made in the USA except survival boat matches and SAS survival tin kit which are made in the UK. This was stuff I put together over the years al'acarte purchasing from individual companies and vendors to put together this comprehensive kit. I'll list some of what's pictured,what you see is what you get.

US Military multicam woobie blanket, sealed water bladder/bite tube, several fire starting rods,SAS Survival tin kit,the larger higher quality kit sealed, special compact complete snare kit,(metal circle thingy in pic), Snakebite/Insect Sting suction etc kit,
magnesium firestarter, survival boat matches, heavy duty space blanket(can use as shelter tarp),SAS Lofty Wiseman pocket survival book, Suunto MC-2G Global compass,Unused Sawyer Mini water filter kit, US issue face paint, US Issue signal mirror, Pacing beads made with real bone skulls,550 paracord don't recall lengths, a 550 survival cord bracelet which I got many years ago andI forgot the company and model but if you unravel it it has many survival items within the bracelet way back then I believe just this bracelet was around $60.00 it is unused/unworn as well. Also is a large size thigh medic pack stuffed with tons of supplies coyote color medic pack is also unused US made. Probably $150.00 or more medic pack with supplies approximately.

If you do some price research I think you'll find this is a good deal for a complete kit, save time and money and be well prepared.
****SOLD* joeraz***
Asking $230.00 Shipped in the USA
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