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SOLD: User Spyderco Manix 2 Sprint (CPM154/S90V)

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Chariotz4, Mar 15, 2019.

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  1. Chariotz4

    Chariotz4 Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jul 5, 2016
    Today I have a Manix 2 Sprint up for sale; I'm moving it along to try and get together some funds for a couple purchases I have just around the corner and to try and find it a new home where it will hopefully see some more use than it has with me the last 6 months sitting on my dresser. It was a user for me, so if you're looking for a pristine example, you'll probably want to keep looking, but it is a chance for someone to get a user at a price far below its current retail price in Canada. As always, important info will be bolded, but please read through the entire thread. For more photos, click on the title of the knife.


    *SOLD* Spyderco Manix 2 CF CPM154/S90V Sprint *SOLD* $225CDN

    - Overall, in what I would consider to be in "very good" condition; it's been a user with me and as such, it isn't in pristine condition, but it still has lots of life left in it
    - I've used to cut things and as a result I've maintained the edge on my Sharpmaker; I haven't removed a ton of metal as far as I'm concerned, but as a result I'll say it doesn't have a factory edge and currently could also probably use a touch up/sharpening
    - Very end of the tip of the end blade has been rounded off slightly with use (see photos)
    - Some small/light scratches/wear marks on the blade and on the pocket clip; the satin finish hides them pretty well on the blade and you have to be looking for them to spot them, but there are a few. They are slightly more noticeable on the pocket clip, but again, this was a user for me.
    - Blade centering is pretty much perfect; maybe the slightest bias towards the RH clip side
    - No blade play in any direction that I can detect when the blade is deployed, grind looks nice and even as well
    - Currently, the action allows for the blade to be flicked open with the opening hole and flicked shut with some wrist action, but the blade will not free drop if the BBL is disengaged fwiw
    - In the interest of full disclosure, I completely disassesmbled the knife once for cleaning, however, I reassembled it properly with no problems
    - I am the original owner; the knife comes with box and all the paperwork it came with etc.

    I'm willing to entertain reasonable offers. If you're going to make an offer other than the posted price though, please either PM me or leave a vistor's message on my profile. I am also not looking for any trades at this time. I'll accept payment by PayPal - G&S only (fees have been built into the price) or via EMT. Shipping is included to most Canadian and US addresses which will be by Canada Post Expedited Parcel and unless otherwise specified by the buyer, will include signature confirmation upon delivery, and insurance.

    First "I'll take it" posted in this thread or by PM/VM gets precedence. After that follow up with me by PM/VM for payment info. (if you haven't already). I'll expect to have the funds within 24 hours of the post/message claiming it, after which the claim will expire and whoever's next in line gets a chance at it.

    Miscellaneous Info:
    - I live on the West Coast and sometimes work some long hours. I also don't work at a desk, so I'll try my best to respond quickly to any queries and such, but I may not respond right away. Also, generally any replies/messages/email after about 10:00pm PST/PDT may not get a response until the following day
    - After purchase and upon delivery, please contact me if you're unhappy with a knife you've bought from me in any way! I'm confident that if you're unhappy, we can work something out
    - If you need more pictures or have any other questions, just ask! I'll be happy to accomodate!
    - For sales outside of Canada, I'm not responsible for any duties/fees/taxes that may be incurred; as well you're responsible for knowing your own local laws/regulations. I'm not going to be responsible for anything that gets confiscated trying to make its way through customs.

    Thanks for looking!
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