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    I can only post 5 pictures at a time so i will get a link up tonight ( ) for the the rest on the pictures

    Tome' and Benne' our Matis guide
    IMG_2512 copy.jpg
    the cub this knife did 80% of the work the Matis did. I was back and forth between a cub and a Piranha but those guys would chop large stuff with machetes then bake out a cub and make any thing any one needed!
    _4674951362611317686_n copy.jpg
    After the Bushcraft global trip I stayed a few extra day so the I could work with a local knife maker and do some fishing. This was my mid day nap, at a lake in Peru when I was not fishing.
    IMG_2469 copy.jpg
    The Matis making fishing bows with cubs.
    IMG_2320 copy.jpg
    all of the guys from the bushcraft global trip 2016 group pictures
    14469517_10210140641780050_167119019945844452_n copy.jpg
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