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Discussion in 'Wilson Combat' started by thefamcnaj, Oct 6, 2014.

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    Jul 16, 2012
    Hi wilson combat forum,
    I love guns and knives, guns first then knives. So my time in the gun hobby has obviously led me to want a wilson combat 1911. They are just hard to come by.. Eventually ill snag one as it is my "grail gun".
    In the mean time I figured I'd get a wc knife.
    I understand wc designs and manufactures, one of the best, if not the best 1911 today. Their knives on the other hand I have been wondering about.
    Does wc design a knife and give the prints to crk to manufacture? I know houge makes knives for them as well.
    Does wc make any knives in house side by side with their pistols? I have three crk knives and love them all.
    What am I getting in a wc knife that differs from a crk or visa versa? I was just curious about the relationship between the two companies. I know the quality will be top notch hands down.
    If this has already been discussed I apologize, my Google search was not helpful on this.
    Thanks in advance for any history or knowledge passed along my way.
  2. kilogolf65


    Jun 25, 2015
    I don't believe that WC manufactures any of the knives they sell. I'm pretty sure they're all collaborations with knife makers. That's the case with Chris Reeve. WC has a unique pattern that the knife manufacturers have incorporated into their knives. I think this is the case with the other WC knives as well. The knife makers incorporate the WC design into their existing model. The thing I really like about the CRK WC versions is that the starburst pattern is on the front and back of the knife. I think it really completes the overall look and feel of the knife. And of course you get the legendary quality, fit and finish of Chris Reeve which is a perfect compliment to Wilson Combat. I have a Chris Reeve Startac and Small 21 Starbenza. Love them both. I too am looking to get a Wilson Combat 1911 in the future. Hopefully near future.

  3. Wavicle

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    Jul 22, 2014
    Kgajewsky is correct- Wilson Combat partners with the knife manufacturers to produce one of their models with Wilson Combat branding. In the case of Chris Reeve Knives, they upgrade several features and that increases the price Wilson Combat charges compared the standard CRK offering.

    Examples include dual silver thumb studs (most CRKs are one side only), an engraved titanium lanyard bead, laser engraving on the pocket clip, and of course, the starburst pattern milling on the titanium handles.

    The knives come in the manufacturers packaging.

    In the end they are somewhat limited editions and I have found that after purchasing about 10 models from Wilson Combat, they are cherry picked for absolute perfection in terms of lock-up, finishes, and blade open/close smoothness. Never had one that was not 100% perfection.

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