*SPF* Custom Hand Made B. ROBBINS Miniature Fantasy Battle axe - VIKING bearded axe - knife - FLOKI


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Mar 10, 2017
SPF>>>>Just finished this little axe....It's approx. 1/4 scale, overall 4 1/4". The Vikings is a great series. Rollo is a bad arse, probably Flatnose also, Ragnar is the king...but who is the baddest of all....no doubt Floki - THE original nut job....here's his axe complete with gabon ebony shaft....my initials scribed on the back of the head. NOTE: This isn't for a small child - it is fairly sharp.
Designed with the eye threaded so the shaft may be unscrewed so the head could be used as a necklace by running the chain through the eye. The shaft is tight! If you take it off, I recommend gentle tightening of handle in a vice and then carefully unscrewing the head by hand....it will come off but be careful.
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