SR22a Pivot Issue? and Blade grind

Oct 4, 2014
Picked up a new SR22a the other day and its a damn good looking knife. Overall happy with it but I did have one issue that I had to disassemble the knife to fix.

Basically the knife was flipping great out of the box but after flipping it maybe 30 times over the course of the day the action suddenly changed and I began feeling a lot of resistance. Could even hear the resistance. I tried running it under water and blowing some air through the knife but no luck. I'm not afraid of taking knife apart or voiding warranties on a knife this price so I ended up getting it apart, cleaning everything, and used a 800 grit polishing stone to hit the detent hole on the blade as there seemed to be some burrs around the edges.

Oiled everything up and reassembled the knife and it seems like its back to working properly, even smoother then before honestly. Not gonna lie getting the washers and bearings lined up and back together was a bit of a pain! Anyways I'm glad it's fixed but was pretty annoyed that it had to be done at all. I'm guessing there was some shavings that got caught in the washers or bearings causing them to bind.

Anyone run into this before?

Also as far as the blade grind goes, this is my first Lionsteel but it seems to have a weird grind. The actual edge seems very very small. While its still nice and sharp for a factory edge it just seems like an odd grind. The thickness behind the edge also seems extremely stout. I'm thinking about a regrind honestly. Any input?

May 30, 2015
I've had something similar with a knife from another company. A drop of oil on the detent ball solved it.
May 21, 2020
I had this on a titanium SR22. It was gritty out of the box. I wasn't at all keen on taking it apart, but in the end it was an easy job. (The trick is to have a blunt piece of soft wood on standby to wedge the "mouth" of the knife apart when re-inserting the blade and washers etc. Anything harder than wood might scratch the colour coating.)
I wiped down the pivot part of the blade, rubbed the ballbearing parts, put it all back together again without having spotted the offending metal fragments but the clean must have helped because the problem was solved and the knife flipped beautifully. (I did add a drop of oil too.)
I later got an orange aluminium SR22 which was perfect in every way right out of the box and required no tinkering (and no oil, so far!) So I guess there is a bit of luck involved here. (I preferred this one and got rid of the heavier Ti.)
As for the blade geometry, yes it seems to be a rounded profile - more of a sharp U than a V. I haven't yet needed to sharpen mine but I imagine this could be a bit of a challenge if you want to put a totally new angle on it. I think my lazy approach of giving a few stroked with a Spyderco triangular sharpening stick will be sufficient to restore sharpness where it's most needed, but mine is a far from professional approach to blade maintenance!