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Discussion in 'Reate Knives' started by AF, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. AF

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    Jan 14, 2000
    I've been dreaming of a fantasy Reate redux - a reissue of the Hills with some upgrades.

    Blade shape: Change it from the curvy drop point to a clip point.
    Blade finish: Change it to a satin finish
    Backspacer instead of standoffs.
    Possible steel upgrade.

    I love the handle of the Hills and the spring clip works well. I don't like the blade shape.

    I know Reate wants to cater to the higher-end. With minimal investment and some upgrades, they could release a premium "Hills" that salvages the bones of the Hills while improving the design.

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  2. ReaTe


    Feb 15, 2014
    Thanks for your post AF, we don't have plans to make the update Hills so far.
    Please check our IG(reateknives) for the new models released news if you like.
    Thanks again for your support.

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