Ti Hawk/Fixed Combo

Seth Green

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Dec 6, 2013
Price is TYD
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Schwartz Ti hawk- 18"OAL, Edge is roughly 3 1/2", stock is slightly over a quarter inch. Has a hammered/post apocalyptic look. Has matching zombie green/black paracord wrap. Spike isn't sharpened, but it is very pointy. Comes with a zombie green blade cover. Has not been used, carried or sharpened. In the condition received.

Second blade is is a ti/cf blade. Blade is 5", combo edge with one carbidized edge. CF has been secured to the TI core using sheer strength epoxy. Matching green paracord handle. Blade thickness is approx. 3/16th". Comes with a green sheath. Has not been carried, used or sharpened. $450