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    Jun 4, 2001
    Hi Everybody,

    I am really liking these little clips.
    I have 4 variations;

    The Slim 3.3
    which is the default one I use for most sheaths.
    as it is thin and lines up with the eyelet side of the sheath very well.

    There is a Slim 2.2
    it is a nice shorter version of the 3.3
    only attached with one screw and post but once you lock it down it is solid

    the XL
    which is made to go over your belt as well as the top of your pants.
    and it has a "multi-tool" as the closing lid, (screw driver and some hex cut outs )

    And the 3+
    just a wider version of the slim 3.3
    a little wider so you can grip the lever easier
    it also has a hole on the bottom so you can single point mount it

    The classic I did not bother with as I think the others cover things better.

    Let me know which you would like when you order.

    Pics below;





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