Victorinox 58mm Mod

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  1. Spydergirl88


    Dec 3, 2015
    Here is my 58mm mod, basically I wanted a less fat Minichamp. I call it the Diet Minichamp :) Built from a Signature, Jetsetter, and Cavalier.
    I used 1/16 brass rod as a replacement for the stock 1.5mm brass rod (close enough) and likewise a 1/16 drill bit to drill them out.
    Creating a jig out of a scrap block of wood is essential or you will hate yourself trying to circumcise a mosquito with all these tiny parts lol.
    Having a rivet setter is also helpful.
    Also tape it closed with painters tape when you are drilling the pins out bc everything will go flying.
    Donor kidneys
    On the jig
    Collars removed and pins ready to be drifted
    Checking for gaps
    After you put the collars on one side put some tape over that side so when you flip it to add collars to the other side they dont fall off
    This is my Diet Minichamp. I wanted all the thin tools on one side so thats why the nail nicks dont perfectly line up. Oh well works for me. I really want to do some more mods but next time with Alox scales. Those are actually easier because you don't have to mess with collars.
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  2. Grateful

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    Oct 5, 2002
    Nice work.
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  3. mitch13

    mitch13 Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 3, 2004
    Nicely done my friend.
    Keep up the good work.
  4. 315

    315 Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 2, 2017
  5. tiguy7

    tiguy7 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 25, 2008
    Nice job. Did you have to get new collars and scales? If so, did the new collars need the holes enlarged? Likewise, did the holes in the blades need to be enlarged? If so, did you have any problem drilling the stainless blades? Were your pins headed with spinning tool or a hammering tool? Thanks!
  6. Spydergirl88


    Dec 3, 2015
    I used the original collars and scales, I was careful not to damage them. I headed the pins by hand with a rivet setter. The holes in the blades and liners were not altered. The 1/16 rod fit just fine without any sanding.
  7. tiguy7

    tiguy7 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 25, 2008
    E6D63F46-A1AB-427D-91BA-F74451E388C5.jpeg 5F5F9EF9-C568-4E3A-97C1-3E7C4CC8C00B.jpeg Thanks for the information. I have a couple of projects in mind. One is to switch the sandpaper files in Money Clips to real files. Another is to make Titanium side plates for some Italian lobsters.
    The original Money Clips had cut files. I have some non-clip SAK’s with real files. I want to swap parts, and I have spinning headers for pins. The Italian knives have 5 blades, but the only one I am interested in is the flush cutting curved jaw cuticle nipper.
    The red Money Clip and the folding nipper have been carried for 20 years and are my most used knives.
  8. tiguy7

    tiguy7 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 25, 2008
    082AD82D-08A1-4407-AB37-A5FD86AFCB6C.jpeg I would also like to put a real file in my Mini Champ, but that is not a pin job. The knife is assembled with screws.
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  9. bruno_go


    May 19, 2015
    Really really EXCELLENT! Congrats.
  10. Frailer

    Frailer Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 25, 2009
    Well done!

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