Victorinox FOLDING paring knife?

Jun 27, 2007
I was very very close to buy one for my mother a while ago.
She totally LOVES the Opinel # 7 I gave her but a while ago someone had left it in the sink with some water and of course it got very hard to open.
She was begging me on the phone for a fix :)

In the end I did not buy her the Victorinox.
It annoyed me that it had a rounded tip as I am sure she needs a pointy one to clean bad spots on potatoes, fruits etc.
It felt as I would have given her a "safe" kids knife.

(we did get the opinel working again and I am planning on giving her another one on which I will hopefully do a better job of sealing the wood)

Get her Pallares comun. Even better than the Opinel IMO. Better angle of the grip, thin blade, great tip.
Apr 12, 2009
The 'Little Vicky' is the version I know as well. Bought mine as part of a 3-knife 'Little Vicky' set of parers from Victorinox, which I found at a hunting/fishing/camping store. Two plain-edged knives in the set, one a little longer in blade length, and also includes the serrated version shown in the earlier post. Mine didn't come with the blade covers, unfortunately.

They're easy to sharpen up. I don't use the serrated version as much as the other two plain-edged blades, though it does cut very well. The serrated edge touches up easily with some very, very light passes on the corners of my medium Sharpmaker rods. The other two plain-edged blades I fiddle with more, in terms of using them and experimenting with various sharpening methods. They'll take a great toothy edge from something like a 600-grit DMT hone. Or they'll also respond beautifully to a Fine India stone (still has 'bite' but is more refined than the 600 diamond), and also refine a bit further on something like a medium (or 'soft') Arkansas stone. And light touch-up maintenance also gets done using my medium ceramic SM rods. This is what I like about Vic's stainless steel - it takes a great edge from many different sharpening options. To me, that's a mark of a very well-engineered steel and it's what makes these knives almost worry-free to live with.