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Discussion in 'American Knife & Tool Institute' started by lt632ret, May 13, 2003.

  1. lt632ret


    Jan 21, 2001
    Hello I wrote Jeb Bush I sent messages I did what I was supposed to however I can find no info on what happened or is happening on the lunacy in Florida. Can you advise of any input or info you may have. Thankyou LT.
  2. CJ Buck

    CJ Buck Moderator Moderator

    Apr 15, 1999
    Excellent question. I will contact Rick Watson and see what happened. He was really good there for a while sending me updates that I would copy and post...
  3. CJ Buck

    CJ Buck Moderator Moderator

    Apr 15, 1999
    I have sent Rick an email asking for the insider look...here is what came up on my statenet search for the bill...Looks like we passed the senate. Not sure where it needs to go from here.

    FL H 1227 IDENTICAL: FL S 2256 (2003)
    SIMILAR: FL H 979 (2003)
    AUTHOR: Evers (R)
    TITLE: Ballistic Self Propelled Knives
    INTRODUCED: 03/04/2003
    LOCATION: To Enrollment
    Clarifies the definition of ballistic self-propelled knife, unlawful manufacture, display, sale, ownership, possession, or use of which is prohibited; provides nonapplicability.
    04/24/2003 In SENATE. Read third time.
    04/24/2003 In SENATE. Passed SENATE.
    04/24/2003 To enrollment.
    PRIVATE FILE: master
  4. CJ Buck

    CJ Buck Moderator Moderator

    Apr 15, 1999
    Here is the update from Rick...

    At long last, HB 1227 (Clarification of Self-propelled Knife Statute) was received by Governor Bush on May 20th. He has 15 days to take action. That means he has until June 3rd to act. All indications are that he will sign the bill. If you haven't communicated with him to sign the bill, do so immediately!

    I've reproduced below the earlier Alert with the information that you need.



    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


    (Feel free to edit the message and personalize it with your reasons for supporting the bill. Also, change the subject line, as well. Some subject lines you might use include "Sign HB 1227," "I Support HB 1227," "Please Sign HB 1227," "I Urge You to Sign HB 1227!".)

    Subject: Clarification of Self-propelled Knife Statute (HB 1227)

    Dear Governor Bush:

    Please sign HB 1227! This bill corrects an erroneous District Court of Appeal decision which has had a very negative impact on people who have ordinary pocketknives.

    The prohibition on self-propelled knives was passed in a bill in 1985. A self-propelled knife is a spring loaded self-propelled knife that was designed to shoot a knife blade for a distance of up to 35 feet. In advertisements, the knife was called SHAW which stood for "Serious Human Assassination Weapon." These knives should be banned. The definition in the legislation was very narrowly drafted to ONLY BAN that one knife. The legislature took care to prevent it from effecting any common knife or type of pocket knife.

    However, in 2000 a South Florida Court misinterpreted the law and issued an opinion that the effect of EXPANDING the definition to encompass common automatic opening pocket knives owned by millions of law abiding citizens. This bill CLARIFIES the law and puts things back the way the legislature intended to ban only the knife known as the SHAW, not common pocket knives owned by law-abiding citizens.

    Please sign the bill!

  5. CJ Buck

    CJ Buck Moderator Moderator

    Apr 15, 1999
    Still no word from Florida on the gov signing the bill. He has anther week and a half to sign it.
  6. CJ Buck

    CJ Buck Moderator Moderator

    Apr 15, 1999
    Here is the latest email from Rick

    Governor Bush signed HB 1227 (Clarification of Self-propelled Knife Statute) yesterday! The bill is effective on signing. Thanks for all your help in getting this bill passed. A special thanks to Marion Hammer with the NRA. Her files from the original 1985 bill and steady counsel was crucial to our success. Rick

    Governor Bush signed the bill on June 2nd. cj

    Here is an email from Les DeAsis to his fellow AKTI members and the florida cutlery association...could not have said it better myself...

    Congratulations to all of you for supporting and sustaining this
    groundbreaking effort! I am proud of all of you that joined in our
    common vision of seeing the important need to form and join a national
    organization (AKTI) and the powerful and effective regional alliances
    (Florida Cutlery Association) that result when proactive industry
    leaders and involved members get together and focus their efforts on an important effort.

    Thank you all for your hard work, your critical contributions of time
    and money, and most importantly, your rallying together for the cause!

    To all the members of the Florida Cutlery Association: Well done!
    Thanks for "stepping up!" And my special thanks to Steve Corn and Rick Watson for their persistance and effectiveness.


    Les de Asis
    Benchmade Knife Co., Inc.
  7. lt632ret


    Jan 21, 2001
    Well OK, now how do we go about getting a federal antiquities codicil added to the FFL so that at least the antique and vintage ( pre 1958 back to the early 1800's ) switchblade artifacts can be taken interstate if for no other reason than to display and for their historical value. If antique firearms as well as modern automatic weapons can travel state to state not only for display but for sale to legitimate buyers why should these items be any different.

    As it stands now these laws are only enforced upon the whim of what ever authority Federal, state or local who decides to interpret in any manner they deem necessary ( and for what ever reason ) and innocence or guilt seems to be the burden of the accused. I truly believe the lack of enforcment of these laws is that, any true test to there legality would show them to be an infringment of second amendment rights. This is not a confrontation the segment of people who are pro these laws wants to tackle right now.

    Frankly I see no reason why one knife is more dangerous than any other due to how it opens. As a correction officer and peace officer for NYS for 26 years. I have seen people cut with just about any sharp object. When will society realize a tools use is determined by the user and then understanding that, outlaw the behavior not the tool. Other wise I suggest we consider a ban on rocks.

    We live in a society where we strive to make everything automatic from car windows to screwdrivers. Apparently the only tool destined to remain manual is the pocket knife.

    It is time to re evaluate these laws passed in an age when Elvis Presley could not be photographed from the waist down on Ed Sullivan ( think about what is on now) and Sen MCcarthy was on his communist witch hunts. It is absurd that In an age of Anthrax, dirty bombs, and terrorism. We have laws against pocket knives designed originally for the purpose of not breaking a finger nail when opening the blades, because they have a spring much like a bobby pin. Florida was a good first step. Keep up the good work . Thankyou Rich Langston author of The Collectors Guide to Switchblade Knives
  8. CJ Buck

    CJ Buck Moderator Moderator

    Apr 15, 1999
    Great post...This nation has spent so much time convincing folks that switchblades are bad...our focus has been to keeping one handed action from getting lumped into that same perception. It will happen in its time. We do not have the resources to force the switchblade federally but your points are good when you put a switchblade into perspective it does not seem very dangerous...

    anyways...here is the statenet update on HB 1227

    FL H 1227 AUTHOR: Evers
    INTRODUCED: 03/04/2003
    ENACTED: 06/02/2003

    Clarifies the definition of ballistic self-propelled knife,
    unlawful manufacture, display, sale, ownership, possession, or
    use of which is prohibited; provides nonapplicability.

    06/02/2003 Signed by GOVERNOR.
    06/02/2003 Filed as Chapter No. 2003-82

    VERSION: Chaptered

    VERSION DATE: 06/02/2003


    An act relating to self-propelled knives; amending s. 790.225,
    F.S.; clarifying the definition of self-propelled knife, the
    unlawful manufacture, display, sale, ownership, possession, or
    use of which is prohibited; providing nonapplicability;
    providing a penalty; providing an effective date.

    BILL TEXT 3:
    790.225 [A> Ballistic <A] self-propelled knives; unlawful to
    manufacture, sell, or possess; forfeiture; penalty.--

    BILL TEXT 4:
    (1) It is unlawful for any person to manufacture, display,
    sell, own, possess, or use a [A> ballistic <A] self-propelled
    knife which is a device that propels a knifelike blade as a
    projectile [A> and which physically separates the blade from the
    device <A] by means of a coil spring, elastic material, or
    compressed gas. A [A> ballistic <A] self-propelled knife is
    declared to be a dangerous or deadly weapon and a contraband
    item. It shall be subject to seizure and shall be disposed of as
    provided in s. 790.08(1) and (6).

    BILL TEXT 6:
    [A> (a) Any device from which a knifelike blade opens, where
    such blade remains physically integrated with the device when
    open. <A]

    State Net Custom Report - New Bill
    American Knife and Tool Institute

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