Which companies have you abandoned for the sake of Reate?

Mar 28, 2014
I haven't abandoned any, but it has made me think twice about some purchases. I currently own a CF Liong Mah Lanny in M390, a Baby Machine and a Micro Typhoon. All three are top quality in fit and finish. Combined that with top notch designers and it's a potent combo.

Really makes you think twice about getting another sprint run PM2...
May 17, 2015
None. Love the quality of their knives. Don't always love the designs. Which means we wait for one that does appeal, and wait, and wait....
Aug 16, 2019
New to knife collecting so not much experience but i have had my eye on a couple Reate models. I’m currently going through a Rike phase right now, how do they (Reate) compare in regards to fit and finish?
Rikes are goodknivea for the money but with that being said Reates are amazing.Let me give you some friendly advice,enjoy the price range that you are in right now because there are a lot of good knives at that lower price range.Once you have upgraded you and tasted the good life you won’t be satisfied with lower end purchases and that can get expensive really quick.Goodluck and enjoy
Aug 14, 2016
Reate have really slowed down their output in 2019. So far as of August 2019 they have only released three knives under their own brand-
Tashi T2500
Tashi T4000
Kirby Lambert Augustus

They have chosen to concentrate on OEM work for other makers. Which I know still has them very busy but a few more directly from them would be nice. :)


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Feb 13, 2014
I stopped buying Benchmades a few years ago. I never was impacted by their QC issues but I'm bored axis lock knives. I bought my first Pardue in the late 90's and the rest in the early to mid 2000's. I recently bought 2 Shiros, an F95NL and a NeOn NL and these are amazing. In the same month, I bought a K-4 and that knife is also very good. Build quality is top notched and the action is almost as good as the Shiros. It's more smooth like a Sabenza not the drop shut Shiros. I will definitely buy another Reate, not sure which yet tho....