Who Actually Manufactures Cold Steel's Offerings?

Jan 21, 2021
Does anyone here know the names of the companies that Cold Steel uses (or has used) to produce the knives they sell?

I know for example that Camillus in New York produced product for Cold Steel in the early years before they folded. Hattori Hamono of Japan once supplied a number of tantos for Cold Steel. Similarly, Lasher Tools of South Africa produces many of Cold Steel's "machete-type" instruments, and Huanuo Sword Art of Shanghai still produces swords for Cold Steel.

I've read that Buck once produced fixed-blade knives under contract for Cold Steel, but I cannot confirm that. Anyone here happen to know for certain?

I'm also curious who else individual suppliers might be selling to, including Cold Steel's competitors or under their own labels?
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Apr 11, 2019
always thought windlass in India did all the frontier bowie type stuff and other Indian made large knives.
Yep, virtually certain that Windlass Steelcrafts makes the 1917 Frontier and the Facon. The dead giveaway is the style of the sheaths, although Windlass does not appear anywhere on the product or package.
Sep 11, 2014
Excluding the Indian sources models, the folders, then the fixed blades have been made by Taiwan factories. These had all been made by several Seki factories but that's all history now. Some of their swords and lower end models have been made in China.
Feb 28, 2011
Not sure, but I know Sal Glesser has talked in the past about introducing Lynn Thompson to some of his manufacturing sources, so it would make sense that there's some overlap.