Recommendation? Would like to compare these three kukuris from Himayalan Imports?

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  1. SanLuisObispo


    Nov 14, 2020
    I have been considering the purchase of a khukuri from HI. Mostly as a wall hanger, but also some light tree-branch trimming as a stress reliever, and I will wear it once in a which as part of a costume. I'm considering:
    • The 15 inch Ang Khola
    • The 15 inch British Army Service
    • Or the 16.5" WWII Model
    I really appreciate history and tradition, but I don't want something too unwieldy. I think any of those will work well for my costume -- a kukuri in a sea of Bowies, from a looks standpoint... ;)

    Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. davidf99

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    Sep 27, 2011
    For wall hanging or a costume, length and weight are not an issue. For light tree-branch trimming almost any HI blade will do fine, especially 15 inch or longer, but you don't need anything too heavy. You'll get more stress relief if the blade doesn't tire out your arm too quickly.

    With these comments in mind I recommend an HI Chitlangi in the 15-16 inch range. That's overall length, not blade length. The double-fuller Chitlangi is one of the most beautiful blades made by HI, hence excellent as a wall-hanger and costume accessory. It is also well-suited to light tree-branch trimming. Yangdu posts Chitlangis for sale at this forum quite often, in a variety of lengths and weights and at reasonable prices. Some come with polished blades, and some with satin finish blades (called "villager" models). Here are some of mine:

    Chitlangi15.5in-Villager-Lokendra16oz-for-Dave-01cr.jpg Chitlangi16-Tirtha-for-Dave-01cr.jpg Chitlangi18-Tirtha24.5oz-for-dave-02.jpg ChitlangiTanto21-Lokendra35oz-for-Dave-01.jpg

    The first blade is one of my all time favorites. It checks all the boxes: looks, length, weight, versatility. The first and second blades pictured are each about 16 inches overall length and weigh 16 oz. The main difference is the blade finish: satin with steel fittings, and polished with brass fittings.

    The third picture shows a larger Chitlangi: 18 inches overall length and 24.5 oz. Also great for light tree-branch trimming.

    The fourth picture shows another favorite of mine. It's called a Chitlangi Tanto, but it's not really a Chitlangi except for the fuller, nor is it a khukuri. Tanto, yes. It is a short-sword made by Lokendra, one of my favorite HI kamis (unfortunately, no longer with HI). Overall length is 21 inches, weight is 35 oz, steel hand-guard and buttcap. A powerful blade, possibly one-of-a-kind, probably made for someone as a custom order. I got it second hand, so I don't know its history. The handle is chiruwa-type (full tang) with wood slabs (probably satisal) and a tennis racket wrap that makes it nice and grippy. I don't remember what I paid for it but the sheath alone (made of very thick leather) was worth the price. It doesn't really belong in this thread, but I like to show it off. :)
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  3. SanLuisObispo


    Nov 14, 2020
    Thanks for your insights. I really appreciate it.
  4. EricTheRedBeard

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    May 17, 2018
    I think the British Army Service (BAS) would be the best of the 3 options you mentioned for the purposes you mentioned. I would choose the Ang Khola if you were really wanting to use it hard and beat the tar out of it all the time. All though the others can take abuse as well. I would choose the WWII if you were going to be practicing martial arts with it a lot. They tend to be wonderfully balanced. But for what you mentioned, out of the 3 you chose, I would pick the BAS. It is the best all around user in my opinion. Usually around 20-24oz, beautiful scrollwork on the spine. Great history. Also the same model carried by active duty Gurkhas today. I think it is the jack of all trades. Easy on the eyes too.
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    Apr 18, 2017
    Yep, what EricTheRedBeard said!

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