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Mar 9, 2013
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I found this knife/maker on board here. Wow. I cannot overstate how fine and beautiful his work is. The FF, grind(s), ero's and geometry are second to none. Transitions and polish is flawless. Full flat grind on this is outstanding. Air bleeding. This half tang/M390 come in at slightly over 2oz..awesome. Backpack, kitchen, hunter, B&T, caper...I have the specs somewhere, I'll dig them up...

Sheath is handmade and beautiful. Another example of attention to detail. So impressed this package I've ordered two more, full tang, slight variation on this pattern, The Kree, I believe.

I have no affiliation other than being a happy customer. Do yourself a favor, give this maker a look before I convince him that he needs to charge more for his work..


Easy to work with. Outstanding product and service.

Thanks again, Z!

Very impressive! Nice lines n leather to boot! Enjoy and show us pics of you doing so please!!
Dec 20, 2019

This big boy came in today. Micarta scale coming in next week :D

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Jun 25, 2019
Im not into folders, but that one..
Love it! Where can i find one?
Those were a BladeHQ exclusive. Here is the link to where they were being sold at and some information about the different models. Unfortunately they all sold out fairly quickly, however the big auction site has flippers selling them for quite a markup still, and I did see one come up here on the exchange at a more reasonable price. Best of luck to you, they sure are a good looking knife.
Feb 5, 2013
I have a problem collecting 21's. Luckily, my problem is about to run out. I don't want to move onto the 31. Fine knife, but I have my stubborn reasons. I'm a total CRK fan. This one may be very near the end of the journey. I am leaving three spots open for amazing and yet unknown future finds.


I think this is probably a good place to calm it down a bit. It's been great collecting so many versions.



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Oct 16, 2018
Spyderco Sprint Native Chief Carbon Fiber S90V - just received.


Like it but not in love w/it. Wish the full CF scales were contoured/fluted like the the CF scales on my S90V Native. Then, I would be in love with it. Keeping it for now to pair the Native G10 & CF Fluted S90V w/the Native Chief G10 & CF 90SV in my collection.
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Native XF ad, Below bottom BC