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Favorite folders from American companies under $35

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by maximus83, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. maximus83


    Nov 7, 2011
    Very good question. It gets complex with international ownership and manufacturing, to be sure. Maybe we should expand the OP to include knives "made" in America, regardless of who the parent company is, so that we can grandfather in our favorite Kershaw blades. Consider it done! :)
  2. extrafury


    Oct 6, 2017
    Well, I am 11 months away from being alive for 35 years...

    I don't know that I ever pocketed one as a kid but after saving up the heroic sum, at that age, it went with me on every fishing and camping trip. I did edc a cheapo butterfly knife I bought in NYC (of all places) for a while though. Switched that out as an adult though I never did grow out of vulgar.
  3. sabre cat

    sabre cat Basic Member Basic Member

    Jul 4, 2014
    You know, one blade that I don't hear much about anymore is the Gerber LST. I used to own an early one with an orange handle.
    Nice, small, lightweight folder.
  4. Steve6387


    Jul 1, 2013
    Another vote for the Buck 110, and the Rats 1 & 2.

    I have also owned the Kershaw Cryo and while I loved the blade shape and size, the washers got all wonkey and the action got all grindey so... Never again.
  5. Cscotttsss

    Cscotttsss Basic Member Basic Member

    Mar 3, 2015
    Where do you buy Dividends for under $35? haha
  6. strategy9

    strategy9 Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 27, 2015
    ESEE Avispa & zancudo

    Kershaw Scrambler, Japanese technicalities aside

    Any of the Buck classics.
  7. ThePeacent


    Sep 15, 2013
    wow forgot about that one.
    These are the good old Gerbers


    knives you could trust, use and rely on. Both the small and big Gators are excellent options :thumbsup:

    jbmonkey and unklfranco like this.
  8. OzarkJoe


    Aug 31, 2017
    I think my favorite “budget knives” from a US company are the Spyderco Byrds. When I’m recommending a knife I found out what size they want and then direct them to either the Cara Cara, Meadowlark or Robin.
    19-3ben likes this.
  9. 731Chopper

    731Chopper Gold Member Gold Member

    May 25, 2017
    It hovers around $35. I got mine for under $35 when it first came out. BHQ has it for $35.95 right now. I say that's close enough as it's one of my favorite knives.
  10. palonej

    palonej Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Aug 5, 2015
    Yup! The Dividend is a really cool little knife.


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