Favorite Spyderco knives

Nov 13, 2013
I had to sell quite lots of knives over the past months but here is the Spydercos I still have in my collection.
I have a Native 5 to get back and I would like to try a Yojimbo 2 and a WC dragonfly... finally I can’t wait for the tanto PM2 to be released ;)


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Oct 16, 2018
I have collected over 130 Spyderco knives and I carry only a few of them.

Although I own Spydercos of all kinds/types, my preference leans towards knives w/longer blades, those designed w/SD use in mind and those that are just unique or pretty to me in some way or another.

My favorites in this regard include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following (not listed in any particular order of priority; just listed as I recall them) of the knives that I own (several of which are earlier vintage models). However, ask me to list my favorites on another day and the list may differ but this is the list today.

Police Gen2 SS VG10 (C07P)
Military Ti Fluted (C36TIFP)
Native Chief (C244CP)
Pattada (C204GP)
Advocate (C214TIP)
LionSpy (C157GTIP)
One Hundred Pacer (C225GP)
Spyderfly (B01P)
Valloton (C149GP) - Converted D/A Auto
Tropen (C237GP)
Ulize (C161GP)
Nirvana (C199TIP)
Calypso Gen 1 VG10 Micarta (C54BMP)
JD Smith ATS34 Micarta (C58BMP)
Wayne Goddard LW ATS-55 FRN (C16PBK)


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Sep 13, 2017
GB1 and GB2. Outstanding knives.

Stretch 2 FRN with ZDP-189

Manix LW in CTS BD1

I have quite a few Spydercos and like and enjoy them all, but these listed above work very well for me.


Feb 20, 2015
Salt 2 and Delica. Very simple these days and I really have come to love Spydercos back lock.

I'm also eagerly waiting for a upgraded Salt 2 with the LC200N steel, that will be soooooo sweet!
May 31, 2017
Yojimbo 2 in S90V with peel-ply cf, Matriarch (any variant/version of it) and Endela with Spyderedge.

-> would love to see more Spydies in S90V with peel-ply cf
-> would love to see a PM2 with FRN handle
-> would love to see an uncoated M4 Matriarch with dark grey FRN (and phosphorized clip)
-> would love to see an uncoated H1 Matriarch with dark blue FRN (and titanium clip)
May 3, 2018
Per pocket time
Pacific Salt SE discontinued Gen, with me at work everyday, bought another one with old scales ten min ago.
PM2, light, capable, tons of aftermarket stuff to play with and make it yours. Great all around knife. Prolific sprint runs.
GB1, my super steel epiphany, still own it and I don't even like liner locks. This one is beefy tho.
Stretch zdp g10, thin and slicey, my week end gent knife if that makes sense.
These are my favorite knives (folders) not just Spydercos, I own more expensive, different brand knives that never get carried because of ergos/weight. Gifts usually or impulse buy.
Wish list: Caribbean, Yojimbo, Autonomy 2, Police LW if a full serrated version is released
Fantasy list 4" PM
Sep 12, 2011
Para 3
Lil Native
Sage 2 (I sold mine a long time ago, only knife I regret getting rid of)


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Mar 23, 2020
Tough answer since since so many good models.

Stainless Worker - cause it was my first Spydie when they were new, was a gift from my wife and it’s just a cool knife.

Lightweight Para 3 - carries real easy

Military- great workhorse of a knife. Have a few stashed in the garage, tractor and truck.


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Nov 27, 2014

The Stretch!!!! @Sal Glesser have you ever thought about making a fixed blade Stretch??? This is my absolute dream knife!! I used the SB hard for work for two years prewiring houses, and have used the zip for everything including skinning hog and deer.

A slightly larger fixed blade stretch would be the ultimate hunting knife IMO. I actually posted a thread about it.
Nov 3, 2011
Wow what a question. First of all, welcome to the wonderful world of Spyderco. It's a great community - enjoy them. Also, not sure if you know this but you've created one of the rare posts that has induced a Sal comment. Well done! He's a wonderful guy and started this whole thing we enjoy.

As to your question, of the more than 80 I've collected, I'd have to say the following have risen to the top:

*ParaMilitary 2 (I have more than 30 iterations of this guy. Until recently M4 was my favorite steel in this model. It then became K390. But, with the most recent 10V drop it may change again. Stay tuned!)
*Delica 4 (Without a doubt, the Wharncliffe blade design is my favorite of this model - particularly in Hap40. I'm desperate for more steels to be offered with the Wharnie option. I also really love the Cruwear version, irrespective of blade shape)
*Caly 3.5 (An old school type of model with steel liners and the famous leaf-shaped Spyderco blade. And it's just a tad longer than the normal Caly model with an extra half inch of blade. When paired with the famous Superblue steel its an utter and absolute dominant slicer)
*Military (One of the quintessential Spyderco models. The model Sal would give Eric if he needed to go to war. An ultra lightweight lightsaber. Some complain about the tip-down only carry but Sal's wisdom here wins in my opinion. The handle is way too long for a tip up configuration - especially if using gloves...which as I understand it was a main concern during the design phase.

I usually explore the other models that I own here and there but inevitably I seem to come back to one of these models. Wearing basketball shorts and need to run out for chores? Delica in the waistband. Need to do some yard work? Military. A do everything everywhere? Paramilitary 2. An overly capable gentleman's carry? Caly 3.5.)

Hope all this helps and once again welcome.
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Jan 24, 2016
76819B62-F943-4F8F-B77E-E14030AC86E4.jpeg F4C9A0EC-84EB-4C8C-9949-6124F917DABA.jpeg 68A6C16C-1B92-41CE-B07F-1807B254FE4E.jpeg What a hard question! There has been SO many well designed and well implemented Syderco models throughout the years. Here are some models that I consider to be my honorable mentions:

Sage 1
Sage 2
Sage 5
Manix 2
Para 3

My three runners up are:

3• Spydiechef
2• Slysz Bowie
1• Paramilitary 2

For years I have donned the Paramilitary 2, not only thinking that it was the best Spyderco, but that it was one of the best knives ever designed for every day tasks and ease of carry. I still think that it is one of the best. A couple of years ago I watched the announcement of the Shaman at shot show and didn’t think much of it. Thus, I completely missed the initial drop of the Shaman when it hit stores for $155. I started hearing a lot of buzz from the knife community about how great it was and even going as far as calling it the “Paramilitary 2 killer.” By the time that I was ready to jump on the wagon, the Shaman took a significant price hike to around $190. I was put off by the price and once again wrote off the Shaman. Needless to say, about a year ago, I finally ordered a Shaman. I awaited its arrival, like I had done for many knives before. But little did I know that this time would be a match made in heaven. When I finally removed the Shaman from the familiar red packaging and wrapped my hand around the ergonomic handle, it was like the clouds split and I could finally see the light for the first time. ⛅️ I loved the feel, the look, fit & finish, and weight. Truly one of the greats of our time.

Of course everyone’s mileage may very, but this was just my experience.
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