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Discussion in 'Fiddleback Forge Knives' started by Fiddleback, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. prom52

    prom52 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 13, 2014
    New & Unused Camp Nessmuk offered at SOLD

    Ruby Shadetree Burlap over Black g10 w/ White g10 pinstripes, Trinity Pinout, Tapered Tang, convex on 3/16” thick spalted 01 steel 8.4 oz



    Price includes all fees & shipping via USPS. CONUS only. Buyer is responsible for compliance with all local knife laws.

    Thanks for looking !

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  2. Sneakypete

    Sneakypete Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 21, 2013
    Looking to sell my Fiddleback forge production kephart. Knife is unused I just wet formed the sheath to get it to fit better and treated with Obenauf's. Box and papers included. I have multiples in this size range and this one isn't getting used. Looking for $215> $205 shipped paypal preferred.



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  3. Roemer1


    Aug 5, 2014
    Price Drop!

  4. Roemer1


    Aug 5, 2014
    Price Drop.

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  5. schmittie

    schmittie Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 28, 2009
    WTB Handyman 3/32" scandi. Please pm if you have one you are willing to sell

    Thanks guys :)
  6. jujawa


    Sep 13, 2003
    Price drop

    Fiddleback Forge Bear Cub - $200 net shipped, PayPal only

    1/8" Tapered Tang, O1, black micarta bolsters with over black ash burl, black liners and white pinstripes, used and sharpened. Comes with sheath, also used with minor scuffs.

    Paid $369 new from TKC.

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  7. jujawa


    Sep 13, 2003
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  8. Kirkwood

    Kirkwood Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Dec 29, 2012

    2016 0226 17 – EDC w/ black bolstered natural canvas, SFT
    convex on spalted ⅛” A2



    PayPal or postal money order accepted.

    Price includes shipping within the U.S.

    PM or email (kkirkwood[at]gmail[dot]com) with questions or offers.



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  9. Rick Lowe

    Rick Lowe

    Jan 6, 2005
    Here's a matching set needing a new home. Both are unused, straight from the Forge. Will take $210 each including shipping.
    Shank- 1/8" 01, olive canvas micarta bolster and liner under antique linen micarta. Full tang. SOLD!

    Bushnub-5/32" A2, olive canvas micarta bolster and liner under lined micarta. Full tang. SOLD PF
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  10. Rick Lowe

    Rick Lowe

    Jan 6, 2005
    One more to offer up. Asp, 1/8" 01, full tang, maple burl, black liner with orange stripe. Unused, never sharpened. $210 shipped.
  11. LaRueOBR556


    Dec 1, 2015
    "Asps, very dangerous – you go first"


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  12. xxkcxx


    Nov 12, 2013
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  13. allen456

    allen456 Moderator Moderator Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Nov 13, 2012
    Up for grabs this sweet Hiking Buddy. I am starting to plan all the upgrades for my Jeep, so some things have to go. This is in new/unused condition and never offered up for sale before. Natural bolsters with sweet maple scales over natural liners convex ground on 5/32" O1 with tapered tang. SOLD shipped CONUS. First, "I'll take it" applies.

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  14. drewway


    Oct 30, 2015
    I have been loitering around this site for about 6 months. I think it is about time I spent some money. I will take this if still available. Please email me at drewway(at) charter (dot) net with payment instructions. Thanks. I attempted to send an email through bladeforums. Do not know if it worked.

    Bushnub-5/32" A2, olive canvas micarta bolster and liner under lined micarta. Full tang.
    View attachment 633301
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  15. Ifinditfunny


    Jul 24, 2015
    Seconds on the micarta bushnub in case drew passes.
  16. prisoner6


    Aug 7, 2003
    Once More With Feeling

    Looking to Sell or Trade new Sgian Dubh

    Sell for $225 shipped, or really would like to trade into a Hiking Buddy or similar size.

    2016 0219 06 – Sgian Dubh w/ antique bone linen over natural liners & lime pinstripes, SFT
    convex on spalted ⅛” A2 - …...2 3/4” Blade & 6 ⅛” OAL

  17. willic

    willic Gold Member Gold Member

    May 13, 2013
    ISO a Hiking Buddy with burlap. 1/8" tapered tang or 3/32". I'm looking for a light knife. Commando burlap would be the golden ticket! Please PM me if you have such a beast and might want to part with her.

    Thanks in advance!

  18. D.H.


    Jul 8, 2009
    Up for sale is a new, unused, unsharpened, and never carried Hiking Buddy:

    2015 0213 16 – Hiking Buddy w/ Ruby burlap over black w/ white pinstripes, SFT Tang, Scandi grind on 1/8 spalted 01 steel

    $200 SOLD

    First unambiguous "I'll take it" followed by prompt payment gets it. You can PayPal me at [email protected]. I'll cover shipping, I'd like buyers to cover PayPal fees. I'll ship USPS and get you tracking info ASAP.

    No trades please.





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  19. MajorD


    Mar 18, 2007

    I will take the Shank. I'll send you a PM. Thanks
  20. dsarps


    Nov 27, 2015
    Price drops:

    JouFuu split pouches post #9848 SOLD
    Oreo scandi buddy post #9849 SOLD

    Good luck and find these a good home!
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