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I'm looking for a new edc.

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by Glock9x19, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. Glock9x19


    Nov 14, 2015
    Okay so I'm brand new here and I have no idea what I'm doing. But I'm here to ask you all for your opinions on a new edc. It will be carried in my back strong side pocket. My current edc is a benchmade 530. I really like it and I've carried it for about 18 months now, but I'm siny wanti g something that's more robust. I've drssed deer with my 530, but the blade is just so thin that I think I'll reserve it for carry in shorts or dress pants. I'm considering both the benchmade 551, 556, and 940. Due to budget around Christmas I can only get one. I'd hate to drop nearly $200 on the 940, but if its really worth it I guess I can brown bag my lunch a little longer. Any way, thanks in advance for any help. I'd love to get some information from all you knife gurus!
  2. snipa


    Aug 30, 2013
    The 940 is a fine knife and imo a step up from the 551 and 556 quality/materials wise. I edc a 940 daily with a custom deep carry clip. It is a fine knife that would without a doubt live up to your expectations and last a long time.
  3. Silvanus


    May 17, 2012
    If you're looking for something with a little wider blade you might want to try the BM 551. It's bigger and has belly for processing game like you have been doing. The 940 can handle all that stuff too but since you are looking for a wider blade that's probably not hat you're looking for. As far as carry ability, the Grip may be too bulky in the rear pocket. Personally, I had the 551 Grip and carried it for a while. You can get custom scales eventually if that's what you're into to make it a little more your own.
  4. Bobby3326


    Mar 16, 2013
    You should check out the spyderco paramilitary 2. Imo it's edc perfection.
  5. TravisH

    TravisH Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 22, 2014

    For <$200, I would recommend the Knifeworks exclusive versions of the 551 and 940.

    Benchmade 551/Doug Ritter RSK MK1 in M390 $140

    Benchmade 940 in CPM-20CV and G10 $200

    If you can stretch for the 940, it wouldn't be a 'wrong' choice.

    After EDCing the 530, I don't think you'd be happy with the 556. But, if you did, there's a KW M390 version of that too. ;)
  6. SpydrMan


    Jul 20, 2014
    I recommend a Spyderco Paramilitary 2. It is a little more expensive than the Benchmade Griptilians, but considerably less than a 940 (for the regular production version). IMO it's a better value than any of the Benchmades you are considering and a fantastic EDC.
  7. evilgreg

    evilgreg Why so serious? Gold Member

    Dec 25, 2012
    IMO, unless you're mostly looking for a giant handle to take up pocket space, skip the PM2 and get yourself that 940. I carried a 940 for a long time and it's a great knife that disappears in your pocket but does everything you could want it to when you need it.

    The PM2 on the other hand is a bulky oversized handle that is huge in your pocket, but small in your hand (at least when it comes to amount of sharpened steel you get).
  8. snipa


    Aug 30, 2013
    Very good points and definitely something to think about. I own a PM2 also and feel the handle is oversized for the blade length. But I seem to be one of the few that does not love the PM2

  9. bflying

    bflying Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 4, 2014
    Oh man, I've been lusting for a 940-1 for some time now. But am not really familiar with the other BM models mentioned. But the op did say they were looking for something "robust", and as I've said in quite a few "looking for" threads, my absolute fave robust blade is the ZT0562CF. In pocket now along with a Spyder PM2 and a Northwoods Michigan Jack. Overkill? Maybe. But my wife likes nice purses to make her feel pretty, I'm that way with knives. [emoji41]. The 562cf is robust, has great blade steel, and will even look sweet on Sunday when it's time to mellow out.

    Or for a slightly less "robust", but still amazing, the Spyder's PM2 or Domino (mine is the blue weave cf). Can't go wrong with any of them.

    Here's a 562 and pm2 playing well together. In fact, I only hear the occasional cuss word from them when one gets pulled out of a pocket before the other. Otherwise, no issues.


    Here's a ZT family pic from a while back, and feel confident saying that pretty any one of them could take on any of my home/work/outdoor tasks 99% of the time.


    But then so could most of the Spyder's I've had the pleasure of using. Many of them are ffg, but still could handle just about everything (in my life) well beyond just "slicing".


    Like Benchmade, Zero Tolerance and Spyderco have a very diversified lineup and will probably be able to find that "perfect" next knife out of any of them.

    And if you want to draw attention away from that new big robust blade just itching to be flipped open, there is always the "hide in plain sight " knife. Just glue a clip to the back of a tiny Spyder, and, wala....tie clip. [emoji3]


    And here's another shot of the 562 and PM2 playing nice together.


    I also really like the zt452cf for a bigger blade. It's just a little more narrow than the 562.


    Doh! Found one of the 450 and 452 open. Think there is a full inch difference in blade between the two.


    And here's the Blue Domino that was mentioned earlier.


    Good luck in the search.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2015
  10. Bobby3326


    Mar 16, 2013
    The pm2 is far from cumbersome in the pocket, unless of course your wearing tight a$$ skinny jeans. I can't hardly feel mine, and I appreciate the harder grip to accommodate for a full grip.
  11. NorthernSouthpaw


    Feb 27, 2014
    I have 2 suggestions. Both bigger than a 940, yet have a very similar blade shape.

    Benchmade 810 Contego
    View attachment 592754

    Benchmade 950 Rift
    View attachment 592755

    I am also one of those heretics who does not worship at the alter of the pocket hog known as the Paramilitary 2
  12. Fireform


    Apr 1, 2005
    Dad, what's that noise?

    That's the sound of thousands of Spyderco fanboys rushing to their keyboards to defend the best edc blade ever!

    Lol. the little blade of the PM2 bugs me too. I have to say, though, that the Contego and Rift are also pretty big. I would take a close look at the 940 and the Spyderco Caly 3.5, which has a much better blade/handle ratio than the PM2 and is still pocket friendly.
  13. IanC


    Jan 20, 2006
    I EDC a BM 551 full sized Griptillian as well as a few others but i got into benchmade with a 556 mini. I liked the mini but found another knife i EDC, the spyderco native fit my needs better. I liked the
    Benchmade so much i purchased the 551 and found its robust enough to fill the larger folder need and has a great blade shape for doing everything i need. I also carry a spyderco ss police at work as a large
    folder which IMO is the best big knife you can comfortably carry but thats not what your looking for.

    As i said started with the 556 and its a handy folder which fits nicely in the pocket with a fairly thick handle but still the hand goes easly into the pocket for keys and such. Its capable for general tasks
    and i even gave it to a friend to breast his ducks. Holds a very good long lasting edge and is easy to sharpen with a sharpmaker. While i had it i bought the 551 since i liked the 556 but found it a little small.
    The full sized is every bit as good as the smaller one with a nice wide blade and to me great ergonomics and not obtrusive in the pocket. Also benchmade will send you a deep carry or stainless clip if you wish.
    IMO the griptillian series is about as much bang for your buck as you can get in terms of usable edge and ergonomics.

    Here are my EDC's. Im a working man with a family and have other interests but like a good knife and dont want to cry if i loose it which hasnt happened in years
    Spyderco Native which i carry most times
    Spyderco Police i have every day at work ive used it to cut up lunch to the sidewall out of a tire and scrape crap out of an outboard engine i love this knife
    Benchmade 551 when im out playing around in the field
    Benchmade 555 i got in trade but prefer the 556
    Buck Rush with polished scales for dressing up
  14. Glock9x19


    Nov 14, 2015
    Thanks for all the help thus far! I have definitely got more input than I had expected. A friend of mine has a 551bkod d2 steel that he's had forever and he swears by the griptilian, so I want a knife that will last like his. It's seen the inside of dozens of deer, turkeys, and even been used to split wood when his splitter broke. But I see several loving the 940 and spyderco pm2. I understand spyderco has a very devout following and I'm sure they are high quality, but I'm turned off my the gaping hole. I have a tenacious that was a gift but to be honest, I hate the hole. Is the 940 robust enough to dress a deer in case I leave my fixed blade at the house? I wouldn't plan on using it for dressing/skinning but I would like to know if its capable of doing so as much as a grip is.
  15. Glock9x19


    Nov 14, 2015
    Plus I really like the color green as I'm color deficient and it just happens to be one of the few colors that I can see fairly well. If I opt for the 940 it'll definitely be the green with stainless blade rather than any of the other options. Does anyone have pictures of a pretty hardly used 940?
  16. evilgreg

    evilgreg Why so serious? Gold Member

    Dec 25, 2012
    As long as you're okay with purple as well, the green one has a purple backspacer. I carried the green and purple version for years, so it clearly didn't bother me. I also have the 940-1 which isn't quite as colorful, but has it's own CF charm.
  17. evilgreg

    evilgreg Why so serious? Gold Member

    Dec 25, 2012
    I'm in full agreement. It's not just a blade to handle ratio fetish, the PM2 is huge in the pocket for what it gives you, blade-wise. Every time someone tells me I'm crazy, that the PM2 carries well for them and I must have tiny pockets, I get the urge to post this image again (these two knives have about the same amount of sharpened steel):


    I've owned my share of PM2s and I could never warm up to the bulk. They are comfy in the hand when you're using them, but IMO they take up too much space. Hell, my ZT 0454 carries better than my PM2s did, and it's a comfy handle with a 4.1" blade . . .
  18. Glock9x19


    Nov 14, 2015
    I don't think I've ever seen the color purple or pink in my whole life so that's a nonfactor. Typically I see purple as black, and pink as white.
  19. evilgreg

    evilgreg Why so serious? Gold Member

    Dec 25, 2012
    The purple actually goes well with the green, I think, but in your case the black will look nice with the green as well, I'm sure. ;)

    I dug around through my piles of knife photos and found one with my 940 and 530 together, in case that helps give you a better idea of their relative sizes:

  20. Cursum Perficio

    Cursum Perficio Basic Member Basic Member

    Oct 27, 2012
    I have Para2s, 940-1 (had a 940), admire both, but if I was dressing out an animal I'd be reaching for the Para2 for sure because of the handles ergonomics. More secure grip especially when things get wet and slippery.
    However I hear you not liking the hole, so... I will reinforce two of the above suggestions which are larger/heavier than a 940, but are 2 robust folders I like a lot:
    ZT 0562
    BM 950 Rift
    The Rift in particular carries very well for it's size.


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