New little utility/fighter/whatever you want to call it


Part Time Steel Basher
Oct 17, 2007
Beautiful and eye catching.
I want to see an upsized, guardless, fighter version of this. :thumbup:

Aug 26, 2016
I've seen your last couple of creations you've posted in here, and again, I'm left feeling like I'm looking at a pretty woman who's just gone and given herself to a gorilla. They've written hit songs about unfathomable ironies like that.

In other words; the quality of your builds, the beauty and craftsmanship they possess is simply not WORTHY of 1095 steel, it's a monumental mismatch; why sell it so short? Something along the lines of the very best CPM steel is far more befitting, and by demand alone, it can dramatically increase rate of sale and the earning on the hourly rate taken to produce any respective knife upon sale. If it's only a labor of love... then I understand 1095, though you made mention of wanting to use better steel.

Whatever one wishes to categorize its genre as, it's a truly beautiful knife that can be made to be much more desirable by more of those with cash in hand. Why bother worrying about buyers when you know they'll be sold fast BEFORE they're even made? Quality work with top shelf carbon and CPM steels help in such matters, keep an eye out on the exchange here alone and you'll see what I mean. I don't think that Loveless or Brend ever used 1095... though Brend has used 440C on some 1,000 plus dollar cheapy trout knives; not suggesting you do so even though you may. :D