Post your CRK carry knife for today.


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Mar 9, 2021
Jan 12, 2013
Carrying my OG, (nearly flat-ground, as the earliest release were) Sebenza 25 with custom shorty pocket clip made for me by gull wing gull wing

A controversial knife on it’s debut, and now well loved as the Inkosi with it’s many changes and refinements.

I like this knife more as years go on. It’s grown on me. Took a long time to learn how to get it properly sharp, and I’ve come to like the finger choils, though feel they are more about looks than actual functional grip. They do make the knife look a little more aggressive than a 21, without being over the top like an Umnumzaan.

Anyways……..a great knife like all CRKs. Liking any one CRK model more than the other is really an exercise in splitting hairs.

No pocket knife cuts my morning onions (for my daily omelette) better than this blade. That stone washed flat ground blade just glides through an onion. Much more cleanly than any of the hollow ground CRKs. Of course, it’s not better than a kitchen knife, but who are we kidding here? If you are not using your pocket knife for food prep you are missing out on half the fun. 😁

Hope you are all having a good week.



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Jan 4, 2014
I guess it has finally happened. I've owned a lot of CRK's and a lot of knives but the churning through them has stopped. I had collected every inlay of the 31 at one point but decided that I didn't need them all and this is the one that stuck around - black micarta and s45vn. It's in my pocket daily and gets used for any daily task that I have.

This has been in my pocket for 5 months now. It has become my true EDC and that doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon.