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  1. CelloDan

    CelloDan Basic Member Basic Member

    Dec 2, 2017
    My collection of Rough Rider started with the this blue bone Canoe.

    I had ordered the latest congress from GEC .
    I added the canoe in order to get free shipping as I was a bit short of the minimum $ required with just the congress alone.


    I was SO pleasantly surprised with the RR. NICE ! :thumbsup:
    My daughter liked it so very much so I gave it to her . Her first pocket knife and she carries it everywhere :)

    So I ordered a few more :)
    The tiny toothpick has somewhat of weak snap when opening but I don't mind that in such tiny knife.


    The barlow had a problem, at least for me. Both blades were almost at the same height and it was very difficult for me to open them, even the pen blade had a hard to access nail nick. I chipped my thumb nail trying to use this knife to the point I had to put it away, cut and let my nail grow again.

    Yesterday I did some minor surgery on it. Cut and easy open notch on it with my dremel and file the kick and lowered the pen blade ( a lot, there is plenty of room in the well for the pen blade to be lowered ) so now both nail nicks are very easily accessible wich = a joy to use :thumbsup::)

  2. hornetguy

    hornetguy Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 11, 2015
    Very slick.... looks "factory".... you should call the knife company that has these made, and suggest this mod to them. They could incorporate it into their regular line, and call it the "cello barlow"....
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  3. CelloDan

    CelloDan Basic Member Basic Member

    Dec 2, 2017
    Gracias amigo lol :) :thumbsup:
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  4. afishhunter

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    Oct 21, 2014
    Added two more to the collection. They arrived June 1.

    You Tube notified me that Marbles has come out with a "D2 with Black Canvas Covers" series. The Sow Belly stockman was featured in the review.

    I ordered one.
    Marbles MR431. Very nice. No gaps, no wiggly wobbly blades, and the blades are all sharp enough to smoothly remove arm hair out of the box.
    It has half stops on all three blades. All the grinds are even.
    On my example, the clip point main and sheepsfoot had a pull of just over "5" maybe a little over, but still under a "6" out of the box. The Budding/Spey blade was a 10 or higher. I could not get it to op ... move unless the sheepsfoot was open, which dropped the pull to about a "6".
    That had to be dealt with before it could go into my pocket.
    Rounding the corner of the tang that first moves the back spring, extending the inside swedge down and towards the tip, and thinning the pile side liner about 0.001 brought the pull with sheepsfoot closed or open down to a "4.5" or "5". :D
    Despite the difficulty with the Budding/Spey blade, I'm happy with it. I don't know if mine was a fluke though. The guy doing the review on You Tube didn't have that problem with his.
    Oh, it is 3.75 inch closed, a little smaller than I usually carry, but it feels good in hand, and the blades don't look flimsy.

    Rough Rider RR1740 (large 4.25 inch closed) Classic Carbon Steel with Yellow Composition covers
    No gaps, great walk 'n talk. No blade rub, blades are pretty much centered, all have a "5" pull, and unexpected half stops. :)

    Anyway, if you like the Sow Belly stockman pattern, I can honestly recommend the D2 Marbles MR431, despite the slight difficulty I had with my example. SMKW was willing to replace it under warranty, but I'm an impatient old S.O.B.. I was bored, had nothing else to do, got a new WENN Dremel type rotary tool, (with a diamond cone grinding bit that would work on that tang corner) and decided to fix it myself, rather than wait for the replacement. :)

    If you like a real "large" (over 4 inch closed) stockman and want carbon steel blades (for considerably less than Case gets for theirs ... Case also claims blade rub is a design feature of a two spring 3 blade stockman, yet Rough Rider builds them without blade rub) You should get one of the Rough Ryder RR1740.
    Based only on the display box with magnetic closure the Rough Ryder came in, I'm going to guess the Classic Carbon Steel line is going to be a somewhat limited time deal, like the 'A Stroke of Luck' and 'Rider's of the Silver Screen' moose are/were. (don't wait too long)
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  5. Henry Beige

    Henry Beige Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 1, 2015

    There must be some visceral appeal to that RR sowbelly. I don’t even think of it as a favorite pattern, but somehow I find there are four examples on my shelf, including the Marble’s D2. I guess I had better start paying attention to this pattern, since apparently I can’t resist buying it.
  6. afishhunter

    afishhunter Basic Member Basic Member

    Oct 21, 2014
    @Henry Beige
    Since you have a Marbles D2 Sow Belly, I gotta ask:
    Does your Budding/Spey blade have a significantly harder pull like mine did, (at least when the sheepsfoot is closed) or are they all about the same "5" or "6" regardless of if the sheepsfoot is open or closed?

    I'm tempted to order another, or maybe the Rough Ryder Classic Carbon Sow Belly, next month. :)
    (as you may be aware, it is difficult - if not impossible - to have "too many" stockman's.):)
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  7. Henry Beige

    Henry Beige Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 1, 2015
    My small blades are both a “5”. Makes no difference if they are both open or not. The clip is a little bit stronger, so call it a “6”, although the difference is very slight. The Classic Carbon is one I don’t have. I am inclined to leave it that way, for now, at least.
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  8. LastRodeo

    LastRodeo Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Nov 2, 2013
    I have a D2 RR. Pull on the secondary blades is the same on both, about a 5.

    I also have a carbon steel model, with yellow delrin. The blades seem to fit better imo, on this model. I'm not sure if they had a harder time crinking the D2 steel? I will try to take some photos today showing what I mean.
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  9. LastRodeo

    LastRodeo Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Nov 2, 2013
    Here is a photo showing the difference in the amount of crinking of the sheepsfoot blade on both knives.

  10. mbkr

    mbkr Gold Member Gold Member

    May 20, 2018
    I like the bottom one better.
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  11. LastRodeo

    LastRodeo Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Nov 2, 2013
    Me too.
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  12. joeradza

    joeradza Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 6, 2014
  13. 5K Qs

    5K Qs Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 20, 2014
    I have the Rough Rider carbon sowbelly stockman, and I highly recommend it! :thumbsup::cool::thumbsup:

    - GT
  14. cbach8tw

    cbach8tw Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 9, 2006
    I have noticed a few posts about the RR carbon steel blades in yellow, that state they are carbon steel and not the 440 steel listed on the blades.
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  15. LastRodeo

    LastRodeo Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Nov 2, 2013
    These are not stamped 440, those posts must have been referring to other knives.
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  16. afishhunter

    afishhunter Basic Member Basic Member

    Oct 21, 2014
    I remember they had the same issue back when they made the Colt knives and brought out a line of Colt's with Ti coated carbon steel blades.
    That was a couple years ago. The discussion in this thread is probably 75 to 100 pages ... maybe more ... back. I didn't attempt to find it.
  17. StubbyThumbnail

    StubbyThumbnail Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 13, 2016
    I had opportunity to visit the big knife store in east Tennessee early last week. I bought these three, 2 marbles and a Rough Rider. I'm very impressed as these are built like a tank. They also came quite sharp from the box. I believe the D2 to be my favorite so far. I was pleased the two Sowbelly patterns have half-stops. IMG_0412.jpg
  18. Misplaced Hillbilly

    Misplaced Hillbilly Gold Member Gold Member

    May 16, 2018
    I had forgotten to include my latest RR's on this thread. As you can see this classic carbon lockback is definitely carbon steel. I decided to do a forced patina just for the fun of it(ketchup):D

    This neato sowbelly trapper caught my eye, I haven't seen the typical trapper blade combo in a sowbelly pattern before.

    But there may be a reason for that, as I had to modify the spey. As it was the peak near the tip dug into my little finger, right inside the joint of my knuckle. A few minutes with a Nicholson file solved that though.
    Now its more of a drop point. Seems to me Rough Ryder isn't afraid to try interesting blade combos and shapes,or interesting jigging patterns either. Which is a good thing imho:thumbsup:
  19. scattershot


    May 31, 2007
    I’m a big fan of RR knives, But have never had a carbon steel model. How’s the edge holding ability on these?
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  20. Misplaced Hillbilly

    Misplaced Hillbilly Gold Member Gold Member

    May 16, 2018
    So far I'd say on par with the stainless, maybe a tad better. But I haven't used the carbon one very much yet. I know this is subjective, but on my fine diamond stone it "feels" good. Softer steel feels gummy on it and the RR doesn't feel that way. But on the same hand it doesn't feel hard to sharpen, I'd say like Case CV its a good middle ground.
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