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Discussion in 'SOG Specialty Knives' started by firstblood, Jun 1, 2003.

  1. firstblood


    May 29, 2003
    i just purchased a new sog tigershark with the aus6a stainless steel.anybody who has the same knife.tell me hows the edge retention and overall performance.
  2. SkagSig40


    Feb 1, 2001
    I have the original Tigershark in carbon steel (sk-5) and it has been a great knife! I'd put it in the Cold Steel Trailmaster class any day! It will rust just looking at it so I have to keep it clean and oiled but other than that it will do anything you ask it to do! Onw of the best bowies on the market and I wish SOG would still offer it in Carbon steel but AUS6 is probibly one of the best hard use stainless around! Good steels and gooooood knife!:)
  3. New Pig Hunter

    New Pig Hunter

    Dec 4, 2002
    I have an SK-5 Tigershark and I like it, it's a keeper !! I cannot compare it to any other brand/model as I've not seen or handled any other brand/model.

    I was out in the field a few weeks ago and wandering through a creek bed. A tree with a 5" diameter limb "sorta" got in my way and I decided to test out the Tigershark. I kid you not, the Tigershark chopped right through it without hesitation or wimper. I couldn't believe it.... I just have never in my life had experience with a Real Knife. So I found another big limb... whap whap whap ... and the Tigershark had no problem with that one either.

    What a knife !!

    Also, I got a wild hair to gun-blue it.... worked just fine and keeps the rust away. Even looks pretty cool.



    p.s. did I mention that it's a keeper ??
  4. Bobby B

    Bobby B No more Mr. Knife-guy

    May 18, 2001
    Glad to hear you love that knife! :D
    Use is the best treatment for it...
    Great to hear!:cool:
  5. New Pig Hunter

    New Pig Hunter

    Dec 4, 2002
    Yessir, the Tigershark is a keeper ... maybe I happened to mention that ??

    A pal was at the house last night, he's been hearing me talk about my SOG knives these past few months and finally got a chance to take an up-close look. Just has he arrived I'd been chopping up some carrots and chicken for the curry stew pot, using the Tigershark. I rinsed it off and he was checking the sharpness. It wasn't to his standards (whatever they might be, he wasn't specific) so I gave him my giant-size sharpening steel and told him to have at it.
    Using the Tigershark he commenced to whittle away on the steel. I noticed it didn't take him long to get a "wow" look on his face as the hair on his arm started flying off in several directions (none into the stew pot).

    So he may never get around to buying a SOG knive, but he's now a true believer !!


  6. wildmanh

    wildmanh Part time Leather Bender/Sheath maker

    Jul 9, 2000
    So Chris, when you bringing her over for a visit? I bet your 'shark would go good against my BBQ any day. he he he
  7. z17813


    May 21, 2002
    I prefer the old Sk-5 Tigersharks but the new aus6 ones are good.
    I have used my aus6 one for a plethora of tasks and it has handled them all with ease.
    I steel mine after use and if I have done a lot of things with it (it is often my camp knife) I give it a couple of light strokes with a diamond steel (nothing major keyword light).
    Edge retention is good (went camping for a week and left all my sharpening kit at home :rolleyes: )
    Performance is great, I have yet to have a situation that I could not solve with a tigershark.
  8. Macbeth


    Jun 22, 2003
    Is it a full tang?
    How well do it stand up againts corrosion?
    I know its kind of big for dive knive but will it stand up to a dive knive standard when it comes to corrosion resistant? Coz i work near seawater very very often.
    How scratch resistant is the powder coat?
    How good can it hold its edge?
    And finally what is the SOG Tigershark design or intend for? Is it a all round utility knive that you can bring for camping, hiking and diving?
    Need to know more coz might buy all 3 seal 2000, seal pup and tigershark.
    Since 2000 and tigershark is too big for a diveknive, and the 2000 and pup is too small for choping wood and 2000 will be a good hiking knive. By the way is tigershark strong enough for wood choping? Minor one of coz not log spliting. About the size of wood that you will normally use for a small campfire.
  9. Bobby B

    Bobby B No more Mr. Knife-guy

    May 18, 2001
    1) Yes
    2) Very well, since that is the reason SOG went to the stainless steel.
    3) The powder coat does an adequate job of protecting the steel
    4) SOG does an excellent heat treat on their knives. The AUS6 will perform very well at edge holding. Not as well as some of the newer “super steels” like BG-42, but the price is far more reasonable. It is also MUCH easier to field sharpen.
    5) Personally I think the TS a bit big (read heavy) for camping and hiking (can’t answer the diving…). I think the SEAL 2000 would do almost everything the TS will do in a more manageable package. If you want to carry only 1 of those 3, I’d suggest the SEAL 2K, if 2 then the Pup and TS.

    For a recommendation of 2 knives for a camping trip, I’d suggest the Field Pup for small jobs, food prep, etc. It is a thinner bladed knife for slicing, and incredibly comfortable. If you want a dive/chopping knife...:confused: then the mighty Tigershark is the answer.

  10. New Pig Hunter

    New Pig Hunter

    Dec 4, 2002
    My first cent.....
    I'm diggin' the Tigershark more and more..... when I was out in the field a few weeks ago it was THE knife I enjoyed carrying on my right hip with full confidence. The only thing it's 9" blade couldn't do was touch the bottom of a 10" hole. I did some wood chopping and was more than pleasantly surprised at the ease it whomped through big limbs and such.
    p.s. my Seal 2000 chops nicely, but not as nicely as the Tigershark. The few extra ounces in the Tigershark really aid chopping.

    My second cent....
    the knife on my left hip was the SOG Bowie for the more "delicate" work. Muy Perfecto y Muy Bueno for whatever I didn't want to do with the Tigershark.

    IMHO: Tigershark, Seal 2000, and Bowie are the hot tickets in the field. If they can't get the job done, you've found yourself in a very serious situation.


  11. Nathanial4


    Mar 11, 2002
    I saw a tigershark that has much longer serrations than the ones shown on the website. Is that one an older model or something different? Also the blade seemed to have some recurve?

    Any ideas?

  12. Bobby B

    Bobby B No more Mr. Knife-guy

    May 18, 2001
    Longer serrations how? Deeper, or further up the blade?
  13. Nathanial4


    Mar 11, 2002

    further up the blade, and the blade seems to have a pronounced recurve?

  14. Bobby B

    Bobby B No more Mr. Knife-guy

    May 18, 2001
    Actually, I think you have a NEWER one than is shown on the website...;) :cool:
  15. ichor


    Aug 27, 2002
    Were there any plain edge Tigersharks that were NOT carbon steel. Put another way, were there any stainless plain edge Tigersharks? Or was the switch to stainless simultaneous with the switch to the partially serrated edge. I have access to a plain edge and I want to be sure it is carbon not stainless.
  16. Bobby B

    Bobby B No more Mr. Knife-guy

    May 18, 2001
    I am about 95% certain if it is PE it is carbon steel. :D

    Send it to me and I will test it... :D :eek: :D
  17. bjork52


    Dec 13, 2002
    I have a Tigershark with PE and the same grey coating (not blued) as the SK 2000. I´m almost sure it´s in aus6 so I think there has been a Tigershark with PE and stainless steel.

  18. ichor


    Aug 27, 2002
    The one I bought on ebay should be here early next week. In the photo the knife does not appear to have a coated blade. I'll know soon.

  19. ichor


    Aug 27, 2002
    Wow! Picked up my new/old Tigershark at the post office. I knew I loved the shape of this blade, but it is really beautiful when you hold it in hand. Looking down on it from the top edge is a trip as the distal taper transitions from one swoopy curve to the next. I'm just stoked! The "minor blemishes" on the blade are, indeed, minor. The black leather sheath is in like new condition and, tho' it's not saying much, is MUCH thicker and more nicely made than the one on my CS Trailmaster and Recon Scout.

    The blade is not mirror finish, but is shinier than what I normally think of as "satin" finish.... not coated.....and no serrations. I still am not 100% positive that it is SK-5 but.....90%. I was almost hoping the "minor blemishes" would be a little worse so I could put some lemon juice, or something, in an obscure place and wouldn't feel bad about a little patina. Anyway, it's a gorgeous knife and I got it for 72 bucks including shipping, so I'm happy no matter what the steel is.

    I was also pleased that the handle is Kraton. For some reason I was expecting the harder and slicker (in my experience) Zytel. I guess because the Seal and Seal Pup use Zytel. The Kraton probably couldn't have handled the oil and temperature, etc. that the Seal 2000 was put through in the government tests.

    The seller said it was dull......and it was. Very little work has it slicing newspaper handily and poppin' the hair off my arm like nobody's business. I'm gonna work a little more on the edge and take it down to the river for a trial run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Bobby B

    Bobby B No more Mr. Knife-guy

    May 18, 2001
    Sounds like carbon steel...
    Glad you like it!

    I miss mine... :grumpy: ;)

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