Attention Well, what form should our BF Forum knife's bone handles take for 2021??

Bone format??

  • Smooth, beveled

    Votes: 152 41.8%
  • Sawcut

    Votes: 172 47.3%
  • Jigged

    Votes: 40 11.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Jack Black

Gold Member
Dec 2, 2005
Official word from the top; Bill has been running like crazy to get GEC ready for the Rendezvous, but finally got back to me!!
The construction of the knife - Nickel bolsters, and brass liners and pins!!
The bolsters are big, too big to try and form from steel. His first intention was an all steel knife, but it won't be the case here - (pun intended:rolleyes:)!!
So however that affects your final vote . . . . . . . . . . . .👍
Thanks for the info Charlie. That's, er...disappointing :( :thumbsup:
The few knives I've owned with nickel and brass ... the nickel bolsters will age and take on a brass look as the age anyway.
Nickel silver is almost entirely brass :thumbsup:
Interesting how many jigglers aren't changing their votes.
A few of them may have just been passing through :thumbsup:
Jan 31, 2013
Intrigued.. do you have a picture of this TC cherry?

"Sawcut cherry" has a nice ring to it. Then again, so does "cherry smoothie".

Edit word arrangement..
cherry smoothie vs smoothie cherry

How'd I mess that up? Haha

Yup, here ya go. Black plum cherry on the left, smooth autumn gold bone on the right. Not to be confused with smooth beveled bone as what we are hoping for on this years forum knife. Smooth beveled is flat across the top with beveled edges. The smooth autumn gold below is rounded across the top and sides.


I like the black plum cherry, it does have a major problem. It has sawcut mites. Seems like the red sawcut is the worse. It think they feed of the leftover bone dust in the groves. I highly recommend voting for beveled ivory to avoid the sawdust mites.

Here's an example, this used to be sawcut, but the mites destroyed it. Worthless now, I should of got the smooth beveled version instead.




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Jan 31, 2000
I was just thinking that glitter should stick better to sawcut bone better than smooth bone. Maybe GEC would be open to spraying some adhesive and sprinkle glitter on the forum knife? That would be a real standout, a forum knife for the ages. 🥳 :p


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Sep 4, 2006
Each 2021 sawcut forum knife will be issued with a pet shop voucher and where appropriate an international endangered species importation license. Members will be able to acquire their Bone Toad ( Bufo Osteofus meakinii) This attractive miniature toadlet devours the sawcut mite at its larval stage ....once the knife is cleansed of the pest weevil however the Bone Toads must be incinerated.


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Oct 14, 2014
Sad to say, it looks like those sawcutters are pulling out the lead as the race ends. This morning, when first I checked, the spread was down to 11. It has only grown since then. 20 votes apart now. I'll just hope it doesn't end up brown.
Feb 10, 2015
I think this is a great idea, except of course that it would be one smooth bone and one jigged.
As previously stated by some handsome genius (I can't remember the chap's name), Smooth bone is pre jigged jig bone.
Then we could visit each end of the jigging spectrum.

And that brings me to another point... aren't Jigged bone supporters really just the brothers and sisters of smooth bone supporters?
Jigged bone people are excellent people- always sticking up for the under dog.
Supplying votes to help the dreamers achieve their dreams.
And when dreamers achieve their dreams, we all win.

And when my cousins aunt's mother's former roommate, George Zip, was on his death bed, he said to me..."who are you?"... but then he said, "I've had a great life... just... just make sure the 2021 Blade Forum knife has smooth bone covers... the color... doesn't matter... " and he breathed his last. I wept openly at his dying request- a selfless one, and yet so well informed from a life well lived.

So lets rally together in these final hours and win one for the Zipper.
Vote Smooth Bone.
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