What does your bladeforums username mean?

tinfoil hat timmy

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Aug 21, 2014
Nothing to do with my real name.

I just tend to question EVERYTHING that's not a readily repeatable observable phenomenon...

Moon landing, JFK, WW1 WW2, war of 1812, The ENTIRE historical narrative I was taught in school...

People started calling me this every time I started making sense and they couldnt refute my arguments without resorting to insults.

as we know, insults are the last resort of a weak argument.

so here I am. embracing it openly.


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Jul 3, 2019
Great thread.

In my late 20's I made a difficult decision to leave my current profession an go back to college for another 4 years to become an engineer. My father, a retired engineer, supported me in all things, but wasn't sure how engineering school was going to pan out for me considering my previous terrible track record in mathematics. I'd appended the UConn Engineering course prefix "ENGR" to my surname for a new, school-related personal email because I liked that it was goal-oriented.

One day while looking over some forms Dad noticed my email and with that fatherly, understated nod of approval said "Ha! Engineer Sorenson... I like that"- you know, one of those rare moments that sticks with you. Unfortunately, he died 2 years later and never got to witness my prophetic email address become a reality.

Dad taught me how to use, care for, and appreciate knives, so I use the screen name here in his memory.
Dec 7, 2019
I used to play NTN trivia in bars in the 90s. To play, each person (or team) got a remote control box which was used to answer multiple choice trivia questions that came up on a monitor. You needed a name so your team could be identified but were limited to 6 characters. I liked the name "stealth" but that's 7 letters, so I dropped the "a" to make it fit. When I became active online, I started using that name for various user names. I still like it because it's fairly unique but its meaning is still identifiable.
You can’t spell stealth without “Metal Gear.” :D


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Jun 23, 2018
I was always into knives and swords. So young and starting to interact on computer BBS ( Pre internet, AOL, kinda like a forum) I needed a handle, no one used their real names. One of my fathers friends suggested Khopesh. I had no idea of the meaning at the time but after looking it up, it stuck. And it’s perfect for this group.


David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
Also, I knew a guy who used to think the lyric was "Soviet, threaten no more..." haha. Okay, /digression.

ETA: I have abandoned an awful lot of the pop culture stuff that I used to be into, including a lot of the Metallica stuff, but once in a while I think it doesn't hurt to listen to one of their more wholesome songs like Don't Tread On Me, as I did just now. ;)
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