What sharpener would you recommend for CRK?


Feb 20, 2015
This Sharpmaker is great, and recommended by CRK, but it's for maintaing a sharp knife. If you let it go dull, you'll have a hell of a time getting it sharp again with the Sharpmaker.

Wrong, the sharpmaker would do just fine with that.

Only problem you'll have with the SM is if your edge is to step to let the stones touch the edge, AKA you have a reprofiling problem.
Jan 26, 2019
I use only the Spyderco Sharpmaker for all my knives. I have used the Sharpmaker and the other vintage systems it was designed off of like the Lansky, Smith’s and Crock Sticks systems for 30+ years now. Not only do I recommend this system to anyone that asked, but it’s recommended by Chris Reeve also.

Here is a Sharpmaker video I did awhile back that many have found very useful. In this video, I go over sharpening the Sebenza. Enjoy...!

Thanks for the video!

Just to make sure I have this correct, the "tilt" you're talking about here, is a slight raising of the back end and also a slight turning of the tip towards the stone you're on and leaning the spine in towards the “V” of the rods? That's what it looks like, but just wanted to make sure since the sharpening angle on the right side is a little funky through the video.

Jul 29, 2016
I use a Sharpmaker and have never had difficulty sharpening any knife. I do not let them get "dull" as I consider that an accident waiting to happen. One large benefit for me since we share our home with daughter, son-in law and 3 grand children is it takes up little space and can be stored away from prying fingers. Before the Sharpmaker, I always used stones (They have a steeper learning curve but do provide a zen like experience once mastered.).