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What was your first Himalayan imports purchase?

Discussion in 'Himalayan Imports' started by arbiter, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. arbytwo


    Apr 21, 2013
    I bought a 15" ang khola made by Tirtha. It's my first choice for most uses. Sometimes I take it out of the sheath just to look at it and feel it in my hand but I'm weird like that.
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  2. XelaXela


    Feb 22, 2010
    Yes! Not enough can be said of Yangdu's excellent customer service. She goes above and beyond! My first query on the CAK came back negative. The one I was looking for originally was gone! But she offered another one she had in stock....and that's how I got my first "done deal". Happy HI customer since.

  3. EricTheRedBeard

    EricTheRedBeard Basic Member Basic Member

    May 17, 2018
    I do the same thing. I like giving each one a little quality time every now and then. Look at it, feel it, check for rust, give it a few swings, see if it could use a sharpening, give it some oil. Sometimes just to have it near in the evening when relaxing before bed. Sometimes it comes to bed and sleeps on the night stand next to me. Remember that one kid that played with toys until he was a little too old for them? Yeah, that was me... I guess I'm still weird like that too.

    Here is a picture of the one I spent some quality time with last night. One of my favorites.
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  4. George Azar

    George Azar Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 18, 2017
    Guys I do the same thing especially on the weekend when I’m off! I’ll get one of my guns(AR or AK) and have it on the living room floor where I sit along with 2(usually) of my Knives! My son will pop up at our house...whom I effected with the fever..HI, that is, and gun fever as well. He’ll walk through the house, spot my weapons, and shake his head (remember this motto:
    Guns before huns and knives before wives):cool:
    Thank God my wife has tolerated me for 32 years!
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2020
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  5. NYCDanMan


    Sep 18, 2011
    I grab a couple different knives each day to join me on my desk! Just to handle and enjoy. I thought this was normal...
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  6. Bawanna

    Bawanna Moderator Moderator

    Dec 19, 2012
    Yes that's completely normal. Your ok. I'm not a shrink but I stayed in the Holiday Inn once.
  7. davidf99

    davidf99 Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Sep 27, 2011
    Normal is overrated.

    Like "average." The average American family has 2.5 children. Nobody would want that. I made up the 2.5, since I don't know what the average really is.
  8. Bawanna

    Bawanna Moderator Moderator

    Dec 19, 2012
    I think your correct, I have a sister that is the .5.
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  9. kamagong

    kamagong Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 13, 2001
    Mine was a Shop 1 BAS. Circa 1998-99. To this day it still has the closest to perfect sized and shaped handle out of my bunch. It feels like it was made for my hand.
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  10. SkipJunkie


    Jul 16, 2018
    My first was a new to me Ganga Ram . The second was a DOD M43 .
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  11. Kismet

    Kismet Basic Member Basic Member

    Jan 30, 2002
    First: A NORMAL Person is somebody you don't know very well.

    and more to the point of the thread, my first was a 15" AK, then trying for practical use for my limited outdoor camping needs, a 12 inch villager AK--with slightly bigger handle. Still got 'em, still use 'em, just not as much.

    I actually became addicted to the HI Forum, more than the blades. Bill Martino was a life lesson in the flesh; he taught me or reinforced what I believed by his simple acting of living.
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  12. Bigfattyt

    Bigfattyt Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 23, 2007
    These two. I honestly can't remember which arrived first The Reitite came direct from the forum drop.

    I got them nearly together. [​IMG]

    I grab an armload of knives an put them by my easy chair in the evening. Sharpening. Checking them out....

    Had these ones out the other day.....

    Last edited: Sep 22, 2020
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  13. SkipJunkie


    Jul 16, 2018
    It's so therapuetic isn't it ?
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  14. Same Old Shane

    Same Old Shane

    Sep 9, 2016
    21 inch ang khola.It was awesome.
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  15. topgun0728


    May 15, 2009
    Silver mounted and hand carved 15" AK by Master Bura. Go crescent moon! E pluribus unum.
  16. cul4u01

    cul4u01 Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 5, 2012
    Me too! Mine was a Dragon carved (both sides) Silver Mounted hand carved 15" by Rajkumar. Awesome! We have good taste. I wish I had mine done by Bura, but the only Bura I have is a Crow Knife made by him.
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  17. EricTheRedBeard

    EricTheRedBeard Basic Member Basic Member

    May 17, 2018
    I absolutely love the Crow Knife.
  18. not2sharp

    not2sharp Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 29, 1999
    A 20" AK back during the mid 90s.

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  19. Mongo


    Nov 5, 2001
    My first was a 17" Sirupati, the next was a 12" Sirupati that got stolen from my desk drawer by a P.O.S. employee.
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